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Breaking News: Yahoo and Google Partnership

Posted on June 12, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

Breaking News is that Google will be making an announcement later today that Yahoo will be giving some or all it’s web search activity to Google!

More on the deal here: Yahoo, Google set for announcement

and here: Google / Yahoo Search Partnership Announcement

In any case, this is big news for the internet marketing, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing industries.

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15 Responses to “Breaking News: Yahoo and Google Partnership”

  1. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 15th Jun, 08 01:06pm

    I’m very surprised at this, although both Yahoo and Google are anti Microsoft’s MSN so perhaps they thought it was better than giving MSN a larger market share

  2. dee

    - 22nd Jun, 08 04:06am

    Are we moving to one giant Yahoo!/Google/MSN…..?? Scarey ain’t it?

  3. Social SEO Guide

    - 25th Jun, 08 03:06pm

    Not sure about this one any more. Just heard last night Microsoft and Yahoo are back in talks, with Microsoft going even lower than the initial bid.

    I bet Yahoo wishes it would have taken the first bid.


  4. AR, Insurance Planner

    - 28th Jun, 08 05:06pm

    Well, I have a different view here. I think that Google and Yahoo are trying to take MSN market here. We already know the greatness of Google. Yahoo would be certainly in advantage.

  5. SEO fella

    - 6th Jul, 08 02:07pm

    There is nothing better at bringing people together than a common enemy.

  6. tkada.com

    - 8th Jul, 08 04:07pm

    If both giants merged together they will kill MSN hope they won’t amalgamate!!!

  7. Hifi Guy

    - 14th Jul, 08 07:07am

    Each month yahoo changes its plan, now they could merge with AOL, rofl.

  8. Lenen BKR

    - 19th Jul, 08 01:07pm

    Personally I hope MS and Yahoo are merging. That is in the e-monetizing field. Some competition would be nice against Google’s Adsense/Adwords. I am actually quite surprised that it takes MS AND Yahoo to cooperate to face Google.

  9. Busby

    - 6th Aug, 08 06:08pm

    Its been a while since this was announced. Yahoo continues to stumble with bad business decisions made every day.

    What we need right now is another strong player that can take on Google in its present form. A Yahoo and Microsoft merger looked like one but with every passing day it looks like that is only wishful thinking

    The newly launched CUIL is so bad that it all the more highlights the need for a challenger to Google’s dominance.

  10. lauren

    - 12th Aug, 08 08:08am

    I think again the strategy might be change. Lets us wait and watch for the final decision.

  11. Veerendra Nayak

    - 22nd Sep, 08 11:09am

    It’s a surprising content you have provided, but certainly an intersting one. Thanx for that!

  12. Chelsa

    - 3rd Oct, 08 06:10am

    Is that true. If so it will be a tough time to MSN. Any how, let it come to be a true statement. Thanks for your news.

  13. Eco Friendly Products

    - 23rd Oct, 08 09:10pm

    Tim, I think this was an interesting situation when it was the top story couple of months ago. I think they are still talking, but I haven’t heard anything big yet. If these two companies merge, it would be huge. But putting my two cents in, I think they should stay apart. Yahoo and Google are both big companies and if they compete with each other, they can challenge each other to be more effective and grow. But it’s all about the $ and power.

  14. cat

    - 5th Nov, 08 08:11am

    Everything leaded to it, I’m affraid they want to create monopoly

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