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Are You Tracking Your PPC Keywords 202 Style?

Posted on June 10, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

This is a long over-do thanks and shout out for Wes Mahler’s self-hosted Prosper202 PPC keyword tracking software.

Wes contacted me a couple months ago about testing out his Tracking202. Long story short, I never really got around to it. I’d previously been using something called Xtreme Conversions to tracking my PPC keyword conversions.

I don’t have time for a long review in this post but I started tracking my first campaign with Prosper202 yesterday. It’s really impressive. It’s just going to get better too.

Oh, did I mention that Prosper202 is 100% free to use.

You’re the Man! Thanks Wes. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Are You Tracking Your PPC Keywords 202 Style?”

  1. Jage

    - 10th Jun, 08 06:06am

    thanks for prosper202

  2. SEO Addicted

    - 11th Jun, 08 06:06am

    Hi Tim,

    I am using Prosper202 and wrote review on my blog.It seems like a great tool.

    – Hiren.

  3. Wes Mahler

    - 14th Jun, 08 01:06pm

    Hey Thanks Tim!

    Actually to thank you Tim!

    We are using a variation of your cloaking script you had a long time ago on the blog. With the meta-refresh, javascript redirect, and the fail-safe a href link! That was your works!

  4. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 15th Jun, 08 01:06pm

    nI’ve never heard of prosper202, have just been checking it out from the information you provided and it seems perfect for what I need, thanks a bunch for the post

  5. Vehicle Shipping

    - 5th Jul, 08 12:07pm

    Keep on blogging, we need you. I’ve got so much useful stuff from your blog and really value you opinion in this stuff.

  6. Independent Chicago University

    - 24th Oct, 08 03:10pm

    Tim, thank you for letting me know about the software. I have been using Google Analytic for my PPC campaign. I love the software, but when I read your post, I wanted to see what the software was all about. I love the combination of both software. They are the Ying and the Yang. The two softwares compliment each other. Thank you for the article.

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