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Ask Tim Schroeder of eMonetized Anything!

Posted on June 03, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

As mentioned in my previous CX Digital blog post , I am opening up this new post as a chance for you to ask me anything.

It can be about affiliate marketing, blogging, seo, what sports I like, my favorite foods, what I do in my free time….pretty much anything! It does not have to be related to affiliate marketing. It’s your choice.

Also just because I said you can ask me anything does not mean I will answer everything! For example, I’m not going to give you the URLs to all my PPC landing pages (most are registered as “Private” by the way). I will try and answer most questions.

Please be as specific as possible with your questions. “How Do I Make Money Online?” is NOT a good question. 🙂

I’ll leave this post open to questions for several days. I’ll then begin answering the questions in a new post. If I’m really brave (I probably won’t be) I’ll answer some of the questions via video from my new FLIP ULTRA camera.


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11 Responses to “Ask Tim Schroeder of eMonetized Anything!”

  1. Zerek

    - 3rd Jun, 08 10:06pm

    What are the first things to get set up to get started with affiliate marketing? And how much of an initial investment is it?

  2. Brian

    - 3rd Jun, 08 11:06pm

    Hi Tim, I’ll go first. Would you consider private training, or one-on-one consulting? I’ve been lurking affiliate blogs for a few months, and I’ve just started to run a campaign with NeverBlue Ads and it’d be great to get advice from someone with your experience.

  3. Steven Brier

    - 4th Jun, 08 12:06pm

    May I call you?

  4. Steven Brier

    - 4th Jun, 08 03:06pm

    May I call you for not more than 5 minutes

  5. SEO fella

    - 4th Jun, 08 07:06pm

    What is your favorite link development method and why? Thanks!

  6. Top Rated

    - 5th Jun, 08 04:06am

    What’s the biggest mistake you ever made when you started out making money online. Feel free to list more than one if you can 😉 I seem to be making several at the moment, and wouldn’t mind skipping the next few.

  7. Adnan

    - 5th Jun, 08 12:06pm

    Hey Tim – I’ve got 2 questions for you:

    1) I’m bidding on a very competitive keyword in Adwords. My Quality Score however is poor, but does this really make a difference seeing as how I’m bidding at times $3 per click in order to break into the market? I’ve only ever used QS in conjunction with helping to lower bids – but I’m sure that $3 will still be needed to maintain a high ad position due to the competitiveness of the keyword.

    2) Do you find that the top 5 positions ALWAYS convert better, rather than being in ad position 10 for a keyword. Is it worth trying to get in those top 5 positions if it means paying more per click?

  8. BM

    - 5th Jun, 08 02:06pm

    What kind of things is giving you inspiration?


  9. Chris Desouza

    - 5th Jun, 08 07:06pm

    I make on average $80k per year. I am not a celebrity marketer. But I teach my members how to do what i do with little competition.

    My questions is, How do I get more members to join the site considering I am not a celebrity marketer. And like you requested, I will be very specific. The site I am referring to is below :

    Thanks for your time

  10. Top Rated

    - 6th Jun, 08 02:06pm

    Hey, one more question. What’s your most time efficient, but effective link building strategy?

  11. Tim Schroeder

    - 7th Nov, 09 02:11am


    That would be nice but It doesn’t quite work that way. But keep the faith. 🙂

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