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$7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital? Day 27

Posted on May 29, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

(Update: This post is over a year old and lets just say that my revenue is MUCH higher now) 😉

This post isn’t meant to be for bragging or to boost my ego. There are a lot of people doing affiliate marketing that make WAY more than I do online. I’m really a smaller fish in the sea but not for too much longer I hope!

When I see posts like this one, they inspire or motivate me to work harder, try new things and learn more. I personally read a post over on Digital Point that inspired me to enter a new market and shoot for higher goals. The hard work is paying off.

In my “$7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital? Day 8” update post things were going pretty well. After 8 days with (May 2nd through May 9th) I had earned CX Digital $3,032.00 in revenue. That came out to an average of about $379 a day.

I am happy to report that after 26 1/2 days (May 2nd through May 29th) I not only reached my $7,500 in one month with CX Digital Goal, I pretty much crushed it!

With a couple days still left in the month I have a CX Digital May Balance of $15,392.50. This includes the $750 bonus in which they have already deposited in my account. That’s an average of over $550 a day in revenue. While this is certainly not all profit, my return on investment wasn’t too shabby either.

CX Digital

FYI $9,826.50 of that revenue was from ringtones. A little over two months ago I decided to enter a new market more as a challenge than anything else. In a previous post I wrote about having earned $1,544 in Revenue after 8 days with ringtones but just breaking even. Things have improved significantly since then to a few thousand a month profit. I had a huge $3,000+ day with ringtones earlier this month but since then volume has dropped way down and I’m working at getting the volume back up.

Keep in mind that CX Digital is not the only network I’m working with.

I know that it’s not all that helpful to post screenshots of earnings without any tips on how you can do the same. Consider this post as a motivational one. I’m going to start a new thread where I’ll open things up to “ask me anything” type questions.

Meanwhile, you better go sign up with CX Digital if you haven’t already!

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18 Responses to “$7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital? Day 27”

  1. Brett

    - 29th May, 08 07:05pm

    this is excellent stuff man..i wud like to get an idea of ur profit margins. Its good to have an idea of how much may need to be spent in order to yield such income

  2. nick

    - 30th May, 08 12:05am

    Not only that but you get to use your loyalty points if you want!

  3. wesley

    - 30th May, 08 09:05am

    Why did the volume drop so much? Are you using keywords related to current events?

  4. Top Rated

    - 31st May, 08 03:05am

    That’s impressive, congrats on breaking your goal. FYI, your link to cxDigital isn’t working. I get the following error when I try it:

    Software error:

    Can’t open File: /home/incent/public_html/images/captcha/563ae8fe77a0c9804d28345758084cd1.png

    For help, please send mail to the webmaster (support@cxdigital.com), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

  5. Adnan

    - 31st May, 08 10:05am

    Wow congratulations Tim – that’s really great.

    Yeah if you could go into a bit more detail on how you managed to setup your account, landing page tips and ad copy tips then that would be really helpful – I’m just getting started with a good Copeac offer myself and could do with the advice!

  6. TimSchroeder

    - 31st May, 08 07:05pm


    By the way, I fixed the CX Digital link. Apparently they changed their ref urls.

    Please let me know if you tried to signup through my link so I can notify my affiliate manager.


  7. CPC4me

    - 1st Jun, 08 04:06am

    Congrats, Man. Great Work!

  8. Dot

    - 3rd Jun, 08 02:06pm

    wow so much money.. thanks for the tips man.. i’ll be sure not to miss out this great money making opportunity 😀

  9. Dental Websites

    - 3rd Jun, 08 05:06pm

    I have to admit I have browsed around your blog several times in the past, but you have my full attention now! I need to step up my efforts and this looks good. I will run right over and sign up at cx digital, and I look forward to some helpful posts on how I can make this happen for me.

  10. Paul

    - 3rd Jun, 08 08:06pm

    I’m thinking of using them too!
    Could you teach me how can I earn that much?

  11. HiFi Guy

    - 5th Jun, 08 04:06pm

    Amazing numbers, I’m jealous.

  12. Wow congratulation,But how you can do that?

  13. Vehicle Shipping

    - 1st Jul, 08 03:07pm

    That’s wonderful : D


  14. Brian Owens

    - 7th Mar, 09 04:03pm

    Tim, I know this post is like way old, but I have to say, it’s pretty beast to go from 0 – 15k+ in 30 days with new offers. I’m impressed dude.

    Think you’d be open to an interview sometime? I’d love to blog it.

  15. Jeff Wayne

    - 19th Aug, 09 04:08am

    Is there any tips that can improve your chance of getting in CX Digital network? I applied AZoogleAds twice but got rejected each time.



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