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What a “Fuelish” Thing To Do!

Posted on May 13, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

> Sky-High Gas Prices

> The Housing Bubble Crash

> A Very Volatile and Nervous Stock Market.

> Average Credit Card Debt Near Record Highs.

> The Value Of The U.S. Dollar Near Record Lows.

> Food Prices Are Soaring.

If you have been watching the U.S. news (which is great for brainstorming new niches) anytime during the last several months then odds are that you probably heard them talking about many of those economic problems listed above. I’ve been personally affected with high gas prices, the housing crash and the U.S. dollar.

As affiliate marketers and like everyone else, we have to think about how we can make a living during any state of the economy. So how can you profit from the unfortunate current state of the U.S. economy? As a side-note, I don’t mean trying to make a profit by taking advantage of others with problems and making their problem worse! That’s wrong. However, You can take the bad situation some people are in and help them, while at same time still profiting. That’s smart.

You could start by thinking about a couple obvious ideas:

1. Foreclosure Offers (both those needing help getting out of a possible foreclosure and those that want to buy/invest in foreclosures). I just started a foreclosures campaign and will try and update you with how it is going in another post.

2. Low Interest Credit Cards (if you have a lot of credit card debt, it’s probably a good idea to try and negotiate a lower interest rate or transfer you balance to a lower interest rate card if possible.

However, instead of thinking about just the obvious (which most people do) you should be thinking about offers that might be indirectly related.

For example, ask yourself:

What happens when “gas prices are high?” (insert a problem).

There are certainly more people buying gas-friendly Hybrid vehicles. Therefore, I would assume that there are more people searching for new and used car loans, car insurance quotes, extended warranties for hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius. Maybe they are looking to “trade-in” their old gas guzzler for a new Hybrid!

There are probably more people search for “miles per gallon” or “gas mileage” related keywords. How can I profit from those keywords? What offers might be related?

What’s something that might be INDIRECTLY related to high gas prices?

Here is one answer: Bike Sales! Four-dollar-a-gallon gas is good for business โ€” if you run a bike shop!

Bikers around the country are dusting off their old two-wheelers โ€” or buying new ones โ€” to cope with rising fuel prices.

Would a PPC campaign to online bike merchants do well? I don’t know but it might be worth trying! If selling actual bikes won’t work, how about bikes parts and accessories!

Think about how someone searching for “A” might also be interested in “B!” Those buying “B” might also want to buy “B accessories” or even C! It’s the usual “think outside the box” kind of stuff but it works!

Need some ideas to start with? Like I mentioned, Watch the news! You can also find more new niche ideas and trends with these tools.

Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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15 Responses to “What a “Fuelish” Thing To Do!”

  1. myLoupe

    - 13th May, 08 07:05pm

    You hit the nail right on the head. Just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to make money. The same thing happened back when the Dot Com bubble burst. Did lots of companies lose millions and go out of business? Yes. Did lots of people lose thousands and thousands in the stock market? Yes. But that just meant that people who had positioned themselves well prior to the bubble bursting had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation by buying bankrupt companies for dirt cheap and/or stocks that had severely declined.

    Your foreclose example is a great idea. Since home prices have drastically declined and the market is the worst its been in a decade, it’s the perfect time to buy. You might not make money on it right now, but when the housing market recovers in a few years, you could turn around and sell it for a profit then.

  2. zach

    - 13th May, 08 09:05pm

    Hi, i really like your site layout. I will continue reading here, so i subscribed! Maybe you could check out my site, and even subscribe if you like. Thanks, Zach.

  3. Seduction Chronicles

    - 15th May, 08 04:05am

    I love your site and it’s design.

    My FIRST visit. However, you might not realize that you have failed to put your RSS icon in the address bar? (Firefox!)

    Try throwing this code in your header section:

    I hope your using Feedburner for your feed as well. Just two helpful hints =)

  4. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 19th May, 08 10:05am

    It’s all about being flexible and if you want to make money online you have to adapt your approach, just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it will still work now. I like your thought process and there are always plenty of niches out their to work with.

  5. Felex Tan

    - 20th May, 08 01:05pm

    Some Internet Marketers who are earning USD might feel the pain.Hope it can goes up one day.

  6. Jenna

    - 20th May, 08 06:05pm

    Wonderful suggestions.. : ]

    If you have to make lemonade out of lemons — then do it! Adapt and do whatever you have to do to keep moving forward!

  7. Mr. Vitamin E

    - 22nd May, 08 06:05am

    It’s quite sad there’s a way one could spin the current turmoil in the U.S. to his or her benefit. But, it’s survival of the fittest out there.

  8. Belmont Stakes Picks

    - 22nd May, 08 09:05pm

    Yes, this is a really good opportunity to capitalize on a down economy and sell products to those looking for solutions.

  9. TV Bracket

    - 29th May, 08 01:05am

    I am US based, but since my clientel is spread out around the world, I have not had too much of a pinch. Plus since I work at home the gas prices are not too painful for me.

  10. Manish

    - 29th May, 08 07:05pm

    found some undiscovered niches.thanx mate.

  11. Top Rated

    - 31st May, 08 03:05am

    Yep, of course your right. It helps to think this way to be a successful marketer / entrepreneur / affiliate guru. Part of my problem, is I always feel guilty when I think this way. Like I’m an opportunist preying on others problems. Head games huh?

  12. Tim Schroeder

    - 31st May, 08 07:05pm

    art of my problem, is I always feel guilty when I think this way. Like Iโ€™m an opportunist preying on others problems. Head games huh?

    You are looking at it wrong. You don’t need to “prey” on other people problems. You can try and help them solve a problem or get out of an unfortunate situation as best as possible.

    Like I mentioned above, “I donโ€™t mean trying to make a profit by taking advantage of others with problems and making their problem worse! Thatโ€™s wrong. However, You can take the bad situation some people are in and help them, while at same time still profiting.

  13. Top Rated

    - 2nd Jun, 08 11:06pm

    Good point Tim. I just need to adjust my perspective somewhat. If I try to think more like my target audience, coming up with a solution would be easier. Not to mention more profitable.

  14. Seb Brantigan

    - 27th May, 09 01:05pm

    Some great points there, suggestions are top notch too. Might try this when it comes to pay per click keywords ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks very much,

  15. Seb Brantigan

    - 27th May, 09 01:05pm

    Good suggestions you got there. It’ll help me when it comes to pay per click keyword research – think like your audience!

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