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$7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital? Day 8

Posted on May 09, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

This is an update to my post, Can I Make $7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital?

I’m not sure how long they will continue with this bonus but when new CX Digital affiliates reach $7,500 in revenue within their first 30 days, they will receive a $750 bonus (you must notify them if you reach this goal).

It has now been almost 8 days since I joined CX Digital (May 2nd through May 9th) and I’m happy to report that I have earned $3,032.00 in revenue. I needed to average at least $250 a day to reach the $7,500 goal. For the first 8 days I am averaging $379 in revenue per day.

A big THANKS to my CX Digital affiliate manager, Nate, who has given me a couple nice pay bumps on two offers already.

Lesson of the Day:

If you think you might be sending decent volume on an offer don’t be afraid to ASK for a commission increase!

Most affiliate network managers will do what they can to meet your request. They have too many other competitors and many of them offer the same or similar offers. Just make sure your request is reasonable. In my case, I thought I was doing decent volume and simply asked for a paybump that matched what I was getting from another network. I will continue to scale. A dollar or two increase on a campaign can make a huge difference in your profitability. Consider if you are doing 100 leads a day but just breaking even. A $1.50 paybump and your instantly making a $150 dollars a day profit ($4,500 a month). We are talking about common sense. My point is that if you are just breaking even on a campaign, don’t give up on it too fast. Continue to scale and then ask your affiliate manager to consider a pay bump on the offer!

<< Note to Nate: I talked to you briefly on the phone the same day I was approved into the network. Having had applied to a couple other affiliate networks that same day I was a little confused as to who you were when you called. I thought you were just calling to improve me into another network and didn’t realize you were just calling to see if I needed anything. I had been approved into CX Digital earlier in the day but at the time I was thinking “IncentaClick” and forgot CX Digital was the same. >>

Here is a screenshot of my first 8 days with CX Digital:

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16 Responses to “$7500 in 1 Month with CX Digital? Day 8”

  1. Brett

    - 9th May, 08 09:05pm

    This is very impressive stuff here. unfortunately I don’t have the kind of volume to meet the requirements cx digital is asking for at the moment, but your display these past 8 days is good congrats and keep it up!

  2. david

    - 10th May, 08 04:05am

    result is very good
    you used landing page or direct link?

  3. High Interest Savings Accounts

    - 10th May, 08 11:05am

    WoW, this is impressive. I have not done much PPC yet and would love to trully understand how to step by step do a campaign. Think you would ever do a case study showing us how to do this? Beginners like me need a little hand holding sometimes.

  4. nick

    - 11th May, 08 03:05am

    That’s awesome you are having such success!! Are you using yahoo or google?

    I haven’t really checked it out yet (I just got accepted the other day), but I’m hoping to pull the same thing off.


  5. Life is Colourful

    - 12th May, 08 08:05am

    This is just too much of money man! Everyday 100s of them… wow!

  6. Tim Schroeder

    - 12th May, 08 12:05pm

    I’m using landing pages.

  7. Tim Schroeder

    - 12th May, 08 01:05pm

    All Google Adwords at the moment.

  8. alifahru

    - 15th May, 08 10:05am

    have not done much PPC yet and would love to trully understand how to step by step do a campaign. Think you would ever do a case study showing us how to do this? Beginners like me need a little hand holding sometimes

  9. nithin

    - 15th May, 08 02:05pm

    welll that was a very good record but as you said its not yet sufficient and hence you need to work hard.

  10. david

    - 19th May, 08 10:05am

    This “living in fear” shit is getting old.

  11. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 19th May, 08 10:05am

    Good idea, it’s always good to shop around for the best affiliate network or play them off against each other, providing that your requests are reasonable. After all they don’t want to lose the good publishers over a few extra dollars per lead.

  12. Belmont Stakes Picks

    - 22nd May, 08 09:05pm

    Wow, you must have a good campaign set up. That’s awesome earnings, I’m going to check out CX Digital for sure. Are you using any other traffic sources at this point?

  13. NVQ course

    - 17th Aug, 08 03:08am

    I wish I could make that kind of money. Well done, you should offer some sort of training course.

  14. hair irons

    - 8th Nov, 08 09:11pm

    These would be nice numbers to see, but my blog is like that of Brett and does not have the numbers CX wants to see. But maybe soon it will!

  15. Tintin

    - 5th Jan, 09 11:01am

    Nice earnings there Tim… Well done.. How come it is not one of your reccommended money makers? 🙂


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