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A Clever Way to Find More .EDU BackLinks Through Google

Posted on May 22, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Most of you probably already know that you can use Google to search for how many pages of your website they have indexed or an estimate of backlinks. I’m going to dig into using Google Operators a little deeper with an example of using them to find .EDU backlinks from blogs.

Click on the following link for an example:

site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” “mortgage”

site:.edu tells Google to look for websites ending in the .edu extention.

inurl:blog tells Google to look for URLs the have “blog” in them. Most education related websites won’t be stand-alone blogs and most commonly will name their blog directory as “blog.”

“post a comment” tells Google to look for blogs that have comments enabled and use the specific text string “post a comment.”

-“comments closed” Using the “-” sign before the text string “comments closed” tells Google not to include results of pages with that particular text phrase.

“mortgage” tells Google that the page must include that text.

So, when using this particular search query, Google will only show results of website with all the following conditions:

IF the website is an .EDU website.
IF it has “blog” in the URL.
IF it has “post a comment” text on the page and it does NOT include “comments closed” text.
IF the page has “mortgage” on the page. Of course you would replace mortgage with subject of the website / post you are looking to get links from.

Don’t SPAM these pages. However, if you have a relevant reply to make then by all means do so. You might just pick up a nice new .EDU backlink (not all blogs are using nofollow tags)!

You can also use variations of this same string to look for all sorts of possible blog backlink candidates. For example, just change .edu to .gov etc…

Happy link hunting!!

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12 Responses to “A Clever Way to Find More .EDU BackLinks Through Google”

  1. urban fashion

    - 4th Jun, 07 04:06pm

    clever indeed 😉

  2. DerekBeau

    - 25th Jun, 07 05:06am

    Thanks for the great tip. I have bookmarked this post on delicious. I’m going to test this out and will likely post the results to my blog… being sure to include a reference to this post for my readers. Thanks again.

  3. Cucirca

    - 25th Jun, 07 01:06pm

    I will try that 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. David

    - 27th Jul, 07 05:07am

    Wow! Ya-hoo!! It’s great information! Thank’s a lot for sharing!
    I’m a new in online business and your blog helps me much.
    I’l bookmark it!

  5. NSpeaks

    - 3rd Aug, 07 02:08pm

    But It would be difficult finding .edu blogs which have dofollow enabled. Because even if we comment on such .edu blogs, 99.9% have nofollow enabled so it won’t be counted as a backlink unless it has Top Commentators Enabled and finding those 0.01% is too difficult.

  6. Tim Schroeder

    - 3rd Aug, 07 03:08pm

    That’s a good point but on the other hand, a lot of those older .edu blogs don’t use WordPress and may not have nofollow enabled by default.

  7. SEO Report

    - 27th Dec, 07 04:12pm

    Thanks for this, I was originally looking for the .gov equivalent but with this I have both.

  8. Lost

    - 26th Apr, 08 12:04pm

    Good article thank you!

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  10. Sean

    - 25th Nov, 08 06:11pm

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  11. Marcus

    - 23rd Jul, 09 02:07am

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