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Uber Affiliate vs. Jonathan Volk – The Battle

Posted on April 30, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

You might be wondering just what the title of the post means. No, they are not having some kind of feud. No, it is not a battle of which of these super affiliate is making the most money online. It’s……drum roll please……

The Battle Of the 125×125 Banner Ads, UBER vs VOLK!

So your probably thinking that this “case study” is not really that fair. You’re kind of right because Uber Affiliate (aka Paul Bourque) is sitting at a 3340 RSS readers according to his feedburner. Jonathan Volk is sitting at 972 RSS readers. However, I decided to go on an advertising spree and those are the first two blogs I decided to start with. I have some additional banner ad battles planned.

I purchased a 125×125 banner spot on Uber Affiliate for $100 (30 days). Given Paul’s RSS and how fast his blog is growing, that’s a really good deal IMO. I’m really glad I’m locked into that price for life and there will never be any price increases! Right Paul? πŸ˜‰ I happy with landing a 30 day spot on Jonathan Volk for just $40 as well.

Some of my favorite case studies in the past were those where I would advertise in various places and then share the results. I’ll let you know after 30 days how much traffic Uber Affiliate and Jonathan Volk sent to eMonetized! Of course they could always thank their sponsors in a post or something which would count towards the total (hint, hint)

Now I’m not usually one to do too much butt kissing (well, except for my I Love John Chow Ads) but Uber Affiliate and Jonathan Volk are two blogs you need to be reading. Quite frankly, they will make you more money. If I had to keep just three blogs in my reader they would be two of them (I have to throw in CDF as the third I think).

I was just thinking that every time I advertise anywhere, I link and chat about them. Maybe I should be asking for a discount first? (kidding)

If you are visiting from Uber Affiliate or Jonathan Volk, first subscribe to my feed. Then please say hello and let me know which blog sent you in a comment below! Welcome to eMonetized!

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5 Responses to “Uber Affiliate vs. Jonathan Volk – The Battle”

  1. Making $2500 pm

    - 1st May, 08 02:05pm

    Well, would you like to arrange someone against me in a battle. I don’t have many RSS readers, I did not hold a contest recently that asks users to subscribe the blog, but I do have 1000+ uniques search engine traffic everyday and that should be good to see what is the ROI from 125×125 from my site for $30 only.

  2. Nishu

    - 2nd May, 08 12:05pm

    I visited Uber’s blog .. but I came to ur blog from 45n5 100 list .. and subscribed your feed πŸ™‚

  3. Nishu

    - 2nd May, 08 12:05pm

    yeah I have a thrash site (not updated for 3-4 months).. with about 250 search engine traffic on various things .. not an organized place to ad obviously .. so I can join this battle for ‘Free’

  4. Jonathan Volk

    - 10th May, 08 06:05am

    Ha! Nice! πŸ™‚ I hope I can drive you some great traffic man! πŸ™‚

  5. webnthostingw

    - 30th May, 09 10:05am

    very nice blog.I can join this battle for β€˜Free’ and subscribed your feed.thanks for blog.

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