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Random Updates: Ringtones, WT Contest, Shitty Brake Services etc.

Posted on April 29, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

Random Updates:

RINGTONES: In my last post about my ringtones marketing project I wrote that after 8 days I had made $1544 in commissions but basically ended up breaking even on the campaign at that point. Since then I have had lot of things going on and I have not had a whole lot of time to scale this campaign. However, I have done a lot of bid tweaking and just recently started another round of content network campaigns.

This month I’ll only make a couple hundred dollars in profit. Seems hardly worth it. However, I expect to make anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 profit with ringtones next month. Now a $1,000 monthly profit probably sounds like peanuts to some of you. There are those “super duper” affiliates making $1,000s in profits daily. But anytime I can add a few hundred or even thousand dollars to my monthly income, I’m certainly not going to complain. Especially given that I really have not spent a huge amount of time working on the campaign.

Like mentioned before I think I’ve figured out exactly what some of these guys are doing to make these huge earnings and I have no doubt I’ve ran into some of their landing pages (“YES”, I like “CLUBS.” You guys “ROCKED IT.” hints to site owners). I can’t seem to get the impressions I need yet at a reasonable CPC. I’m hoping it’s just taking a long time for some of these new content network campaigns to propagate to some of the website I want to get on.

I didn’t enter the ringtones market because I knew I’d be making thousands in profits my first month. There was a thread on Digital Point (maybe from Paul of UberAffiliate?) that sort of inspired me to enter the market. I saw it as a fun challenge and no matter what my long term success is with ringtones, the learning experience was worthwhile.

I will be sharing many more specifics on what seemed to work or not work for myself but it’s still too early to share those results. Meanwhile I’ve also had several new landing pages designed and am entering four new markets including foreclosures, and dental plans.

WEBMASTER-TALK.COM CONTEST: The WT $25,000 merge contest is about half way over. It’s still not too late to become one of the 5 winners. The top two referrers have 24 and 13 referrals respectively. I have no doubt that a lot of you could easily get into a referrers lead. Or you could just work hard writing some articles and making quality posts.

SHITTY BRAKE SERVICES: ignore this ->> At the time of this post, eMonetized is now ranked #10 for JustBrakes and JustBrakes.com

TWITTER: I just started using Twitter and so far I find it more fun than blogging! There are so many times I just have a deep thought (kidding) but I don’t have time to write it down. Sometimes these “deep thoughts” are also too short or too irrelevant to make a full blog post about it here. Twitter solves that problem. Follow Tim Schroeder on Twitter here.


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5 Responses to “Random Updates: Ringtones, WT Contest, Shitty Brake Services etc.”

  1. Making $2500 pm

    - 1st May, 08 02:05pm

    I was not very excited this time to participate in any contest and automatically stayed away from the WT contest. Kind of tired looking at the similar contests, want something new!

  2. Phyllis V

    - 13th May, 08 03:05pm

    No offense, but where is says to subscribe to your feed, subscribe is spelled wrong. Good day!

  3. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 19th May, 08 10:05am

    I really appreciate your tips on this it’s an area that’s a little new to me, but it’s good to have an honest opinion. If possible would be great to have you write a post about how to do it from scratch but i appreciate that may give away too many of your trade secrets!! Thanks again though.

  4. NPGardens

    - 24th May, 08 02:05am

    Nice tips and idea.

  5. Alan @Free Ringtones

    - 9th Mar, 09 12:03am

    Seems like you have made a really good profit monthly (that’s really good for me). Congratulations! I wish you well in the future. Seems like I have to learn from you 😉

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