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Is “Just Brakes” Just Scams? (aka JustBrakes.com)

Posted on April 24, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

This post has nothing to do with making money online but at some point you might have to get your car brakes serviced. Here is my experience with JustBrakes.

We thought we might need to have the brakes on our 2004 Ford Expedition serviced. Thinking that I might find some coupons online before taking it somewhere to get serviced, I came across a company called “Just Brakes.”

Lured in by the JustBrakes cheap $99.88 price + a $10 Just Brakes coupon I gave them a call. The price is apparently for “Most Cars” and Erik said that my Expedition “In Most Cases” would still be only $99.88.

So yesterday we brought our truck into JustBrakes on West Colonial Dr in Orlando, Florida.

About thirty minutes later I was given a call and he said that he “could not do the brakes on this vehicle.” He said that the brake system was “contaminated” and that the entire brake system would need to be replaced at a cost of around $3,000! JustBrakes also said that this type of contamination is common at quick lube oil change places.

I obviously told Erik at JustBrakes that before I was going to spend that kind of money that I would have to get another opinion. I wonder how many of their customers DON’T ask for that second opinion! I then went back and pick up the truck. I drove over to the oil change place we used last because I didn’t know if we would have to end up having to take them to court (and you must contact a manager about the problem before getting any service done). The manager there was nice and he said that while they visually inspect the brake fluid they never open or refill the master oil cylinder.

I then drive on over to Action Gator and Tire (in my experience, a great company) for a second opinion. Guess what? There was absolutely nothing wrong with my brake system. The break pads didn’t even need to be replaced! They said that at most I could consider a Brake flush but that was not even necessary. I went ahead and paid $70 for them to do that service anyway.

After I got back home I looked up Just Brakes on the Internet. I should have done this BEFORE even taking my vehicle there.

At number 3 in the search results for “Just Brakes” is Rip Off Report

But it gets worse because there are actually over 1,000 complaints about JustBrakes on Rip Off Report. This does not include what is (in my opinion) the thousands of other customers who may have been ripped off but didn’t complain about it. You can also read about Just Brakes on Pissed Consumer.

In my opinion, and based on what I’ve read on those complaint websites, their standard marketing ploy of $99.88 cost “In Most Cases” should be changed to “In RARE cases.” This is how they can get away with quoting or charging you basically whatever they want!” It’s the common Bait and Switch. In my case it was not the “oh, you brakes are not a common stock item so it will cost another $75,” but rather the “your entire brake system needs to be replaced” for $3,000! LOL

It’s a real shame that these type of companies are allowed to stay in business.

If you feel you were ripped off (or they tried to) by Just Brakes please reply here. Likewise, if you actually had a $99.88 brake job performed by JustBrakes, I’d love to hear it. My hopes is that this thread jumps into the top 10 of Google for “Just Brakes” or “JustBrakes” so other people will be reminded to do a little research before going for what appears to be the cheapest price. These are just my opinions. Please do your own research and decide for yourself.

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61 Responses to “Is “Just Brakes” Just Scams? (aka JustBrakes.com)”

  1. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 20th May, 08 06:05pm

    It’s a shame when businesses do this as it reflects badly on the indusrty as a whole. I hate it when people just try to rip people off.

  2. ROSA

    - 11th Aug, 08 02:08pm


  3. shane

    - 25th Oct, 08 06:10pm

    yeah i just went there today and found out all i needed was more break fluid and new pads fuckers put new calipers and rotars and pistons charged me 469.99 scam is what i say

  4. wade ervin

    - 27th Oct, 08 03:10pm

    I went to just brakes for the $99.88 brake special which they said my 99 ford ranger was included in ,well guess what when they came back to me after breaking my braking system down said lots of parts were worn out with a truck with only 40,000 miles ended up costing me almost $600.00 but said the next time i needed brakes it wouldnt cost me that again well guess what it didnt ,it cost me $498.00 I will never again give these scam artist my business!

  5. j. ritz

    - 14th Feb, 09 06:02pm

    I had brakes done on a ’04 Dodge Stratus in ’06 the job only cost the advertised price and came out to around 107.00 for taxes and all. This was done in Dallas Texas and I am back there rigth now with a ’99 Isuzu Amigo. We will see

  6. Mike

    - 27th Feb, 09 04:02pm

    Lately I’ve been noticing some slight shaking of my steering wheel in my 2005 Ford Taurus. So like all of you I went to a Just Brakes located in Casselberry, FL on Semoran Blvd. because the $99.88 special seemed too good to be true. Well guess what? It certainly was! After “inspecting” my brakes they told me that both rear brakes were failing which caused my two front rotors to become so warped that they needed to be replaced. They then told me that they needed to go ahead and replace all of my rear brakes which included the wheel cylinders, drums, hardware, return springs, shoes, front rotors, and front pads for a total of $547.00 plus tax. I immediately told them to put everything back together and that I wanted a second opinion. At that point they tried to force me into leave my car by saying, “Well, we’ve already got it taken apart and my guys are ready to do the work. So you might as well just let us do it!”. But after some deliberation, they finally let me have my car back. I then drove over to a Midas(who also offers a free brake inspection), and they guy there told me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my rear brakes and that they appeared to be working like brand new. The only thing he said I did need was to replace my two front rotors since they are no longer machineable, and to have my brake lines flushed and refiled because the copper content was really high. He even said that he’ll adjust and calibrate my rear brakes for free if I wanted him to. Simply amazing. I’m shocked that Just Brakes is still allowed to business in Central Florida.

  7. Charlie Blue

    - 14th Apr, 09 08:04pm

    Just Brakes‎ –
    16284 Midway Rd, Addison, TX‎ – (972) 407-0705‎

    I took our 2006 F150 in for the 99.88 break special. The manager, Charles, took me out to the truck and explained all the repairs needed in order to be kosher with laws or he couldn’t do the repairs. It ended up being over 1,100. When we went to pick up the truck one of the tech’s came in from the garage and said “you know you have a transmission problem, right”. We said no – why do you say that? The tech said that its leaking fluid and making a loud grinding noise. We informed them that it wasn’t making a noise when we brought it in nor had there been any fluid leaks as we park it in the same parking spot every night and no fluid has been noted. He took us out to the truck and showed us the fluid… yes, it was there! He said he had the transmission guys next door take a look at it and they advised not driving it. None the less, we headed out. I followed behind the truck and could clearly hear the noise coming from the vehicle. I called Charles, the manager, on the drive home explaining again that none of this was going on when we dropped the truck off. I asked if there was any way they damaged it during repair and he said its doubtful but to bring it in the next morning and they would take a look. We decided to call Ford as the truck had an extended warranty which covered the transmission. Ford called us 3 hours later to tell us that there is nothing wrong with the transmission! That the vacuum hoses were not reconnected causing damage and that the noise was from the 4 wheel drive trying to engage because they didn’t hook it all back up properly. It cost us over 370.00 and a rental car of 50.00 to have Ford repair what Just For Breaks had damaged. We also were a day late heading to a family reunion as we had to wait a full day for Ford to complete the repairs. Upon informing Charles of what Ford had found, he wanted me to bring it in for “warranty work”. I advised him that I would not let them touch the vehicle again and that I want to know what he was going to do to clear this up! He said to fax the repair bill and it would have to be reviewed by a “committee” at Just For Breaks Corporate, which would take 10-12 days and then they would call me telling me what they were going to do. This is a clear case of bait and switch and shoddy repair work! I will NEVER take any vehicle to Just for Breaks and pass on the negative feedback to all my friends and every posting I can find!

  8. Charlie Blue

    - 14th Apr, 09 08:04pm

    I hope your second experience was like your first! You’re the first person I’ve heard say they paid the advertised price after reading threads most of the day!

  9. Alan

    - 15th Apr, 09 03:04am

    First Thing Is To Learn How To Spell !
    Try Going To Your Small Shops, First, Get To know Your Mech !
    Finish Line Automotive & Transmission, uc Tx,78148

  10. Buck Bartolik

    - 15th Apr, 09 07:04pm

    I’ve used Just Brakes several times. They tear down and reassemble at no charge, even if you don’t agree to let them work on the vehicle; they walk around the vehicle with me and show me all the visible components and explain any defective equipment; they itemize the work order and agreed to let me check their prices on the Internet before agreeing to any work.

    The $99 package carries a lifetime guarantee, and they put standard warrantys on all the other work and parts they do. Their standard package is a good one, as long as you maintain your brake system on a regular basis. If all you do is tell someone to change the pads and ignore their recommendation to replace or repair things that are worn but still working, then you end up getting what you deserve.

  11. calvin

    - 1st May, 09 07:05am

    Positive posts by employees of Just for Brakes have no credibility. Zero. This company should be class-action sued into non-exsistence.

  12. annie

    - 27th May, 09 06:05pm

    I took my car in for an inspection because my brakes were making some noices…they told me I dont need my brakes fixed, they were fine. I ended up not paying anything. I think it depends on your location. I do have to mention that my leather gloves went missing from my car…I called the shop about my missing expensive leather gloves, they never returned my call. I am almost sure someone from the shop took it while inspecting my car.

  13. Chad

    - 6th Jun, 09 04:06pm

    We just got done with a year-long nightmare with Just Brakes here in Thornton, CO, on 120th Ave and Washington St. At first, I had taken my 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage (a pretty small economy car) there to fix the brake pads which had a life-time warranty from a previous Just Brakes repair at the $98 price from a Southern Colorado location. It was 2 years later, so not too bad for the amount of miles I put on the car.

    The manager at the time, Lanny, replaced the pads but said the rotors were warped/worn and could not be machined and that they needed to be replaced. So, $460 later, brand new pads, shoes, and rotors.

    Then, less than a month later, the brakes are grinding again, took it back in for warranty work, and WOW, all of a sudden Lanny tells me that we need new calipers, imagine that. I was stupid enough to pay for it, they machine the rotors under the warranty, replace the pads and shoes, AGAIN, and supposedly put on new calipers (found out they were really just re-conditioned used calipers, not new).

    Of course, 2 weeks later, the brakes are again grinding, enter the sale of new struts, $600.

    Since then and for the past 6 months, just about once a month we’ve had to take the care in for “warranty” work and they just can’t seem to get it right. It’s a freaking nightmare dealing with them and they refuse to replace their own defective parts, instead stating that the warranty is up on everything but the pads and shoes, and that they will stop doing any warranty work unless we buy all new rotors again.

    Now Lanny, and thier new manager Dan, are trying to tell my wife and I that the rotors from the factory (OEM supposedly) are designed to wear out in less than 8 months, which I know is complete BS! We refuse to give them any more money, and will take it to our local mechanic which we should have done in the first place (all this started with them because of thier own stupid warranty).

    I’m drafing up the lawsuit right now against them. We’ve had it and want it done right. We already know we paid way too much, and I won’t even start of the “entire new” brake system that they were legally obligated to fix before allowing us to leave and refused to put the vehicle back together on my wife’s 2000 Jeep Wrangler, that was $1,400 we found out we never needed to spend.

    It doesn’t matter the few decent experiences anyone’s had with this company, they are complete rip off artists, and I only wish I had scoured the internet before ever agreeing to a single out of warranty repair there. I feel like a complete idiot.

  14. Ja'

    - 24th Aug, 09 07:08pm

    Thank you Mike! I already had the map printed and was ready to go to Just Brakes in Casselberry. I saw your comment and changed my mind. I’m going to Midas instead.

  15. Arlington, Tx. Tire Co.

    - 9th Sep, 09 05:09pm

    I can totally believe that they would do this! It’s unfortunate that companies like that get away with this kind of thing. Businesses like this go on reputation and you would think that they would make the effort to give good service. I do not run my business that way and never have; I guess that’s why I’m still around!

  16. Marina

    - 18th Sep, 09 06:09pm

    Over eight years ago, I took my 1999 Chevy Cavalier into Just Brakes for new pads. After replacing the pads for their advertised price, the manager took me to look at my car and explained in highly technical language that there was something wrong with my calipers and rotors. He insisted that I needed more repairs that would amount to $500-$600. I still had warranty on my car, so I told him I would take it by the dealership first. He said that he couldn’t let me do that, because if I drive off with my car in “this condition”, and something goes wrong, they’d be liable. I insisted that I’d rather go check with the dealership and he made me sign some “official” form stating that he made me aware of the fact that my car “was dangerous to drive” and I chose of my own free will to act “against that knowledge.” After all that fuss, the dealership mechanics found absolutely nothing wrong with my brake system. With regular maintenance, I never had any problems with my brakes as long as I owned the car. So, add “scare tactics” to “bait and switch” at Just Brakes, where they really do care. Or something…

  17. Melissa

    - 23rd Sep, 09 03:09pm

    I recently visited a Just Brakes in Austin, TX and witnessed first hand their unethical sales and “scare tactics”. I have a newer model vehicle and started hearing a slight squeaking in the brake system. After verifying that my vehicle would qualify under the $99.88 promotion, they took my tires off to inspect. That price quickly jumped from $99.88 to close to $500!! The manager said that my vehicle was a safety hazard due to to the calipers leaking brake fluid. He also said that some of the hardware was corroded and needed to be replaced and that it would be an extra $80 to put on the same ceramic pads that came with the vehicle! I was not about to pay $500 for a basic brake service so I told them to put my car back together and I would take it to my regular mechanic. He got upset and said that I should consider having my vehicle towed because of the safety hazard! After I made it obvious that I knew that they were lying, the manager apologized and tried his best to redeem himself. He said that he looked at the car again and realized that it was not brake fluid that it was leaking after all, but instead just extra lubricant that a previous mechanic must have used!! What a bunch of BS!!! He then offered to do the basic brake service without doing any of the other “recommended” services. Needless to say, I declined and have written to their main office and Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. There are SEVERAL complaints against them already and several under current investigation. I agree that we should all do our best to get the word out about this crooked company!

  18. ej

    - 3rd Oct, 09 09:10pm

    I was ripped off by Just Brakes back in 1990. I have not been back since, and continue to warn freinds and family not to give them buisness. I think I’ve cost them alot more than they ripped me for. 🙂

  19. Larry

    - 19th Oct, 09 01:10pm

    Thanks!!! I was going to go today but I may just go get ripped off by the dealer instead. I least I get a loaner car.

  20. chris fields

    - 2nd Nov, 09 02:11am

    I’m sorry that all of you got scammed by just brakes. I’m a former employee that not only watched the corp office play the public but also robbed the employees also! I’m sure yu ask yourself why would someone continue to work for this company? I can answer that.. In the last couple of years we have been in a recession. The people that work for just brakes need a job. That simple. You will do what you have to to eat.They promise you the world(just like the customers!) then screw you.I can give you more than 5 examples of this and also I personnally witnessed many forms of lying and cheating of and to the customer.Not to mention employees!!
    I’m saddend that I was a part of this and maybe by leaving this comment I can prevent someone from getting the shaft by these two-bit crooks.I’m sorry.

  21. Norman Bielaszka

    - 12th Nov, 09 11:11pm

    Thanks for the info. Many other places were also ripping the public off until the authorities sent in undercover people in to expose them. Unfortunately, most of them are still in business. I would like to see somebody like Dateline NBC get involved to expose Just Brakes.

  22. K Craig

    - 14th Nov, 09 11:11pm

    I wish I would have read all these comments–I too was taken. They told me my rear brakes were bad. After calling up my brother, a mechanic, he said-Don’t do anything–they are trying to scam you.” So I told them-just put on the pads for $99. Well, they called back and said the “piston broke and they couldn’t do anything about it” Yeah, right–they wanted to charge me another $155 to repair it. SCAM!! Don’t go there.

  23. Jethro

    - 10th Dec, 09 04:12am

    WOW! I just returned from my second trip to Just Brakes. I first took my wife’s vehicle to them about 3 years ago at the 65,000 mark. They tried to scam me then with statements like “you have to change brake fluid just like oil” for an additional $36.00. They also claimed all the brake parts were “corroded” and needed to be replace because Toyota made “cheap stuff” and it would not last another 2,000 miles. Being a former mechanic, I watched his work and inspected the brake components and they all had normal wear. Many of the items he said were “corroded” still had the factory paint on it. I got out of there for about $200 because they did surcharge me for non-standard brake pads. Well, it’s 70,000 miles later and nothing failed as Just Brakes said. I felt that I could use them again and talk my way around their scam. This time I called a different Just Brakes location in advance to confirm that it would only be $99 and they “guaranteed” it would and they could have me out of there in 2 hours. I arrived at 11:30 and didn’t get out until nearly 4:30…they tried to hold me hostage with my car in pieces while they jacked up the repair price. First it started with the same old corrosion routine and they wanted to replace all the rotors, calipers and related hardware. I declined and they kept up with the BS saying it was unsafe and they couldn’t let me leave. 2 mechanics actually ganged up on me and I felt they were going to damage my car if I didn’t stop questioning their conclusions. In the end I paid about $150 out the door as I did change the brake fluid this time. Overall I felt uncomfortable with the whole process, these guys were determined to scam me and it will be a while before I step on the brakes and think about how they might have sabataged my car. On a side note, I can see a whole culture of deception at this company…the company pushes the franchise owners and they push the employees. The OEM products that they are forced to use give the parent company the bulk of the profits and force the employee to scam the customers for more money. It’s a system that was set up by some long gone bean counter that cashed out on his options and the remaining want to get rich too.

  24. Chad

    - 12th Dec, 09 09:12am

    I was lured in by the $99 scam, I called “Just Brakes”, at South Loop 289 and Quaker ave. in Lubbock Tx, and they told me that my 3/4 ton pickup qualified for the $99 deal, and that if I could have it there by 7 am they could get me out before lunch. Upon arriving I spoke with Issac the manager, who informed me that my vehicle did not qualify for the $99 deal and that it would be $129.00 per axle, I told him never mind because I had been lied too. He then told me he would go ahead and honor this price because one of his employees had mistakenly quoted me the price. I left my pickup for service and Issac called me about 1 1/2 hours later to inform me that my both my front calipers had failed and that it had warped my rotors and crystilized my brake pads. He told me that GM used cheap brake parts from the factory, but he could repair for $498.00 per side, yeah that $99 brake job just jumped up to $1000.00, I told him to put my vehicle back together, and I would come get it. He tried to tell me that it was not safe to drive, but I demanded him to put it back together. When I went to get my truck he told me he was sorry that we couldn’t do business. I am glad that I had enough since to head this scam off before getting ripped a new one. People tell all your relatives, friends, and neighbors about these people. Let’s make “Just Brakes” go to “Just Broke” and out of business. By the way my vehicle is only 3 years old, and has around 70,000 miles on it.

  25. Jeff

    - 24th Dec, 09 10:12pm

    I took my ’95 Lebaron GTC to a local Just Brakes (South 8th St.) here in Colorado Springs for their “$99.88” promotion. Once the tires were off, the Manager (Mike) showed me how the left-rear wheel cylinder was damaged and dripping fluid, and just like Tim Schroder posted at the top of this page, said the entire system was “contaminated” and all lines/cylinders/fluid/etc. would need to be replaced, at an estimatred cost of $1,500+.

    I had them reassemble all components and took the car to my local mechanic, who replaced both rear wheel cylinders and drums (they did need removal), the corresponding brake lines, and new shoes installation for $273.00 total.

    Needless to say, I’ll never take a vehicle there again, and will tell EVERYONE I know about the experience. From these other posts, sounds like I’m not alone…

  26. steve

    - 9th Jan, 10 03:01am

    You sure opened my eyes to this. I WAS going to take my car into Just Breaks on Saturday. Looks like I will be calling Midas. They also have coupons but I now know what to look for in dealing with corp. businesses now. Sorry to hear of all your wasted money and time but Thank you for your posts and saving me from all their BS.

  27. Stephanie

    - 12th Jan, 10 05:01pm

    I feel stupid now, but i knew all along something was not right. I was told I needed $400 worth of work. I was new to town and didnt know about Just Brake’s so i consented to it. During the work, a Just Brake’s Rep came and asked me if I ever had any problem putting my emergency brake down. I told him no and he informed me they were having trouble releasing my emergency brake. After my work was complete, I noticed my emergency brake did not function the same as before. It was difficult to release, but I was able to release it so I didnt worry about it. One year later my brake light came on and i was told I had a rear cylinder leak, which was the exact same problem Just brakes had charged me to fix the previous year. i dont know much about brakes, but Im sure a rear cylinder leak should not be somthing that occur once a year and if I had other problems that was causing the leak, as professionals they should have been able to detect it.

    As of today I still feel I had more brake problem and it was not handled that day or the people @ Just brakes dammaged something with my brakes when the guy came and told me they couldn’t release the emergency brake and failed to correct it.

  28. henry

    - 4th Feb, 10 12:02am

    I agree with just brakes being a rip off. After getting my brake pads replaced and rotors resurfaced (of course for an extra cost) my brakes continued to grind. I’ll never go back there.

  29. Alicia

    - 8th Feb, 10 09:02pm

    Holy crap. I’ve never heard of Just Brakes. I own a small repair facility in Northern Michigan and I’ve never heard of anything like this in the 10 years we’ve been open!
    I absolutely cannot believe they tell you that you need a new braking system, a brakefluid flush, or that you CAN’T leave because it isn’t safe.
    We check your car out- tell you what is wrong, give you an estimate and get you on your way. Never push people into the work! That is SO wrong. We do hear some similar complaints about Midas and Muffler Man in Michigan, but whew- nothing THIS bad.
    I would like to apologize to everyone and just say- local mechanics are the way to go. My customers are like my family. My reputation means a lot to me- so we never do work that is unnecessary. If anything- we try TOO hard to save our customers money.
    Local repair shops are run by people- not companies. If you want to talk to the person who decided the shop policies- I’m here….at corporate locations- where are these people? If I screw up- you bring me the bill and I pay it on the spot- No corporate reviews with 12-14 day waits.
    Long story short- skip the chains- support your local repair facilities. They care more about forming a long lasting loyal relationship with you, the customer, rather than a one night stand.
    Best of Luck- and stay the HELL AWAY FROM JUST BRAKES!

  30. Alicia

    - 8th Feb, 10 09:02pm

    Also- I can do front brake pads- everyday of the week- no special, for $75.00 on most domestic vehicles. I don’t think 99 is a special. A lot of the time my customers walk out with pads, rotors, and hardware (labor and tax included) for 130-150 bucks. We repair shops do this everyday- so we don’t think to advertise for 99.00 brakes. CHECK with your local shops first- they can probably do it cheaper WITHOUT scouring the internet for coupons!

  31. Jethro

    - 22nd Feb, 10 06:02pm

    MEGASCAM!! Looks like Alicia is PAID! Cant expect the truth from a current employee…because if she did tell the truth she might get FIRED. People from all over the country agree that Just Brakes is a rip-off form former employees to customers to a corporate scam culture. I saw an article that stated that Just Brakes is being investigated in 16 states for fraud!

  32. Erica

    - 2nd Mar, 10 08:03pm

    I think every person on this post needs to email Dateline so they can do just as one person stated. They tried to rip me off but I didn’t have the money to give them. They told me they needed to rebuild my calabers because Ford put plastic one time use parts on my truck when they built it. So I got out of there for only 106.00 (tax). But now I’m afraid they sabotoged me so that I will go back. They even tried to make me afraid by telling me that I was leaving in a death trap. Yes they tried to scare me into giving them money that I don’t have. But the joke is on them. I went to the dealer a few days before and had a full inspection so if somthing does go wrong I will know they did it. I called Ford and explained to them what was told to me. The first thing they asked was “you went to Just Brakes, didn’t you”? So this is obviously a scam that has been tried many times before. Ford told me that every person who goes to “Just Brakes” has the same issue. I’m not mad about the fact that they tried to scam me so much “heck, times are hard” I’m just mad they tried to scare me into getting the work done by screaming “good by Erica, good luck in the death trap”! They were not nice at all for doing that. So I hope that others read this and that they all email Dateline.

  33. chris

    - 2nd Mar, 10 10:03pm

    I took my 99 blazer to just brakes in Westminster Colorado. I was told i needed new pads and calipers. the quot i got was $250. which is already more than i expected to pay but i said ok that was fine 3 hours later i got the call that it was done and ready for pickup and when i got there to pick it up the total amount that i had to pay was $1,200. alot more than the quot and didn’t get a phone call to ask if i was ok with the extra 1,000 in work they did to my car and when i told them i wasn’t paying it they said that was fine they’ll just keep my car. TOTAL RIP OFF…………………..

  34. pete nelson

    - 11th Mar, 10 09:03pm

    hmmm…i just got back from just brakes this morning. my brakes were grinding badly and my jeep was making all kinds of noises from the brakes. they replaced the rotors, calipers, drums, pads, cylinders, fluids…everything. total bill was $913.00…i drove the car for 6 years without ever servicing my brakes. i dont know. seems legit to me so i can’t really complain. parts are expensive, cars are a ripoff, and people are always looking for a sweet deal. when you deal with anything car related, expect to shake your wallet out. its all a scam. no surprise to me. just pay the bill and keep your fingers crossed they fix it.

  35. Janice

    - 17th Mar, 10 01:03am

    In my opinion Just Brakes Colorado Springs 2800 E Platt Ave is not just another rip off company but also is dangerous to their customers and others on the road. On 3-8-10 my son who is in the Army at Fort Carson had a problem with his brakes and took his 2006 GMC Sierra to Just Brakes. They replaced the brakes for the 99.88 and then added in charges for Calipers etc… Cost 346.73. Over the phone I gave them my credit card information and paid for the charges. At that time I asked, “Is it safe for the truck to make it back to Texas as my son is being deployed and I am going to bring the truck back home.” The reply was , “Yes Mam”. The next morning on the way to the Army base, the brakes failed as he glided through a red light. By the grace of God no one was hurt and no damage to other vehicles. My son took the truck back to Just Brakes and they told him they had put defaulted parts on his truck but not to worry they were going to fix it correct this time. Since it was under warranty there would be no charges. But before it was all over with the total bill was $885.63. When I told them not to do the work, they said it was already done and if not paid would inpound the truck. The service manager “Darin” said the truck was dangerous and had to be done. I did pay the bill again over the phone with my credit card. Then I asked for the telephone number for the Corporate Office. My son then called me and said Just Brakes will not accept my credit card since they were afraid I would stop payment. He was told he had to bring payment to them or they would inpound the truck. On the way to transfer money to his account to cover the charges, I called the number I was given for the Corporate Office. What a waste of time. “Mr Layman” (spelling?) He proceeded to be rude and condensending and even accused my son of fraud. He would not stop chewing and lecturing me till I finally butted in and tried to talk. However, seems he was not able to hear me and kept saying, “sorry I can’t hear you over and over. He ended the conversation by saying since I can’t hear you, you will have to call back in the morning on a land line and hung up. What a bunch of jerks. How dare they not only rip people off but put the public in danger for greed. How does this company get by with this over and over?

  36. Jethro

    - 24th Mar, 10 11:03pm

    Yep, this should be titled “Just Brakes, just Scum” The corruption goes from the local employees who pull any trick to get money out of you all the way to the corporate office that train them.

    In my case I call them out on it and refused to give in in they sabataged my truck! They loosened my brake fittings and my transmission drain plug and now there are spots all over my driveway! they WILL damage you vehicle!!

  37. Bill

    - 21st Apr, 10 05:04pm

    I got my brakes serviced at Just Brakes last week. My car was running smoothly before I took it in to get serviced. After getting my brakes serviced my car is now making a very loud humming noise as I drive down the road. It is so loud I can barely talk on my cell phone. Now that I’ve read these posts it is no doubt JustBrakes did something fishy.

  38. Christine

    - 4th May, 10 01:05am

    I just had to loan $300 to a friend who was “bent over” by these con artists. They told him that their “safety regulations” prohibited them from putting the car back together and releasing it to him. (This is BS – it’s your property – call the police for help)

    They told him he needed new rotors and pads on the front brakes, and they even charged him for replacing the sensors (which seems like a big lie because his “Brake” light was on in the car so that sensor is working, and the metal pin that makes the squealing sound comes with the pad automatically, so which one are they charging him for?)… the manager was pretty confrontational and had a reply for everything I could say.

    My dad is a mechanic and he gets the same pads for $36 (not the $105 but Just Scum said they cost)… he’s also known current and former employees and he says that corporate policy is to get $850 from each customer who comes in. My friend was “lucky” to only get hit for about $500 on his 2000 Oldsmobile Catera.

  39. Glen Danzig

    - 19th May, 10 11:05pm


  40. Joseph

    - 25th Jun, 10 07:06pm

    So I went to just brakes a week. Ago to service my 2009 galant and they told me I needed so many thing and it was gonna cost over 400 and I refused and told he just to do what I asked for which is the 99.98 service and they started telling me not taking there. Diagnostics voids the warranty and I was idgaf I should of looked online and researched first and one week later I took it to another shop which does free inspection and they said nothing was wrong but he stupid fuc**ing brakes were put on wrong so much for certified technicians

  41. Penny

    - 29th Jun, 10 09:06pm

    Last week I filed a police report–Just Brakes unscrewed my brake line and caused me to lose braking power. I’m currently seeking full, legal recourse. I’ll keep this websited posted on my progress.

  42. Richard Wilson

    - 3rd Jul, 10 01:07am

    Yes, I had a bad experience with Just Brakes, I allowed therm to cause me to spend $280.00 and had the same complaint when I left thst I came with and they say theres nothing they casn do to correct my problem. I wish I had checked them out first, They display the Better Business Bureau sign in their office, I think I’ll let them know.DW

  43. A.J. Zamora

    - 10th Aug, 10 09:08pm

    I have my truck there now. It started out as the 99.00$ then a 45.95 requried service. prior to this they found a leaking caliper. now I am up another 169.00$, After, agreeing here it comes again. for another 300.00$ I need new calipers but they said some hard wear costing 49.00$ is also requried, this was the last straw. I was told there is no price markup for parts, rebuilding is another option which is cheaper than the purchase of parts. Well currently my 99$ hopeful is now 390.00$, which really sucks. I will have additional required work needed to be completed for another 500.00$ I think going somewhere else is a better Ideal…… I too shall call the corporate office. I write again once I pick up vehicle.

  44. Ricker Automotive

    - 12th Aug, 10 05:08pm

    I used to work for Just Brakes. They get their parts from Autozone or Pep Boys, just like anyone can and mark them up a standard of 200%. I now run a shop of my own and know that you cannot stay in business with a $99 brake job…thats a red flag to begin with. Our brake jobs are $200 per axle, thats a good price IMO..but seriously I could do a brake job by the time I was 10 years old working for my dad, so if you are tired of getting screwed over, learn to do the job yourself. Brakes are the easiest thing to change.

  45. Wedding Video

    - 6th Nov, 10 02:11am

    I’ve never used Just Brakes, but after reading all these reviews, it doesn’t sound like a good idea. Thanks for the warning.


    - 16th Nov, 10 05:11am

    I believe Just Brake is a big scam. People whose are reading these article, please stay out of this company. I took my Honda Accord to change the brake pads and shoes. I know a little that how to change all these stuffs but didn’t take a chance to do this myself. I took it there and after 10 minutes they gave me a estimate of $661 bill. They said, I have to do brake fluid flash, change the rotor, shape the caliper, and these will rebuild the braking performance. I said that I don’t have money to do all these work. Just do the $99 job. After 10 minutes later some one call me and 1st they told me that they are having a really hard time to set my brake system. I need to change the front rotor work. Then they gave me an offer that they could do it at $280 with the front brake system, I said no and again they offered me for $228 and again I said no. In the evening I took a $10 coupon to take my car and the funny thing is they don’t take the coupon. I got the coupon “it says over $100 job, $10 off”
    My total bill was 99.88+$6+tax$4= $109.88 which is not qualified with $10 off.
    This Just brake located on Scenic Hwy corner, Snell-ville, GEORGIA 30078.
    The Just brake company should change their name and keep a new name like
    “Just money brake”.
    I am really not happy with their this kind of puffer y advertising and their bluffing to the customers. I think some one should make a legal action about this scam store. I don’t have any hard evidence to do prove their bluffing.
    People stay away from this company and do your brake work in a small workshop where you will probably not ripped off.

  47. Kaitlyn

    - 20th Apr, 11 06:04pm

    I will NEVER go to a “Just Brakes” again. I just moved to Texas from Oregon and had never seen a “Just Brakes” before. I went in to get the 99.98 special thinking that my brake pads needed replacing, and within five minutes a worker came out and told me that he had very bad news. It turns out they tried to tell me that my brake system was contaminated which I guess they determined was because of a swollen rubber seal on the brake fluid container. They said that it would be 3000.00$ to repair because everything in my brake system would have to be replaced. They also tried to scare me and said that my vehicle wasn’t safe to drive etc. I got the idea that they tried to pull this crap because I was a young woman who seemed to be uninformed about my brake system. I told them Thank You and Goodbye, in order to go get a second opinion at NTB who said nothing was wrong with my brakes. Also, there is a contamination test you can do with your brake fluid by using a turkey baster to take a sample of your brake fluid and putting it in a bottle of water, if it separates into two layers then it is contaminated. I did the test on my vehicle which was negative, and I had the brake fluid flushed just in case “Just Brakes” did anything or was somehow correct. The way I was treated, the scare tactics they used, and the scamming they tried to do was horrendous and I just want everyone to know to watch out for this!

  48. TM

    - 20th Jun, 11 11:06pm

    Thanks, i also was about to go. I know i would have fallen for the whole scam. I’ll find someone else.

  49. Justin

    - 23rd Jun, 11 05:06pm

    In 2006 had my wifes ’04 Altima in for pads. They rebuilt the calipers, flushed, machined the rotors and installed pads to the tune of $500+. Ever since, we’ve had this car in every year for excessively squeaky brakes. Of course each time we take it in, many of the above services needed completed again. We’ve gone round and round with them and today was the final straw. Wife took the car in because the brakes are squeeking. Had an appt at 8:30am, but they put the car on the lift, went had had a LONG smoke brake and didn’t even look at the car until 9:30am. Of course they came back with the line, you need the calipers rebuilt, rotors replaced, fluid flushed and pads replaced. We start to state our point that these items shouldn’t need fixed, and the idiot manager proceeds to say “you haven’t had these services since 2004”! Ha! The car is a 2004, why would we have the OEM pads replaced with Just Brake pads so soon? Also, we didn’t buy the car until 2005. From that point the manager was backtracking trying to get out of the ordeal, but still get us to pay for service. Told him to fix the pads, touch nothing else, put the car together and we’d be leaving. Car was back together at 10am. We will never use Just Brakes again and ask everyone to never ever use them, they are scam artists that install defective or squeeky brakes just to get you back in the shop to charge you more and more.

  50. Dan

    - 25th Jun, 11 12:06am

    After starting Dallas’ first and only organized mobile brake service company over a year ago it still amazes me how many horror stories originate from Just Brakes experiences. When a customer begins to tell their Just Brakes story I interrupt and say, need new calipers right? And the answer is usually “yes both sides!”. The truth is you are more likely to win the lottery twice in two weeks than have BOTH calipers fail at the same time. Calipers can easily go without ANY attention for well over ten years in a mild climate. Its easy to warrant substandard parts when your warranty allows you to charge for the labor to install the FREE parts and have yet another opportunity to scare people into spending more unnecessarily.

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