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Webmaster-Talk.com and EarnersForum.com MERGE!

Posted on April 10, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

As most of you know, I am one of the owners of Webmaster-Talk.com

Long story short, Lee Dodd, owner of EarnersForums (and now co-owner of Webmaster-Talk) contacted me about the possibility of merging the two forums. That’s exactly what we ended up doing.

To celebrate the merge we thought we would kick things off with a little contest. Wait, did I say “little contest?” Let me clarify that by saying a HUUUUGE contest!!

Introducing the Webmaster-Talk.com / EarnersForum.com Merge contest with over $25,000 in prizes!

There is going to be five winners who each will win BIG time.

EACH winner get this:

1. A beautiful new Macbook Air laptop from ClickBooth valued at $1,800.00!

2. A Professional version Shopping Cart solution from Interspire valued at $995.00!

3. $500 cash in a Max Bounty affiliate network account awaits you!

4. Another $500 in the form of a Text Link Ads gift certificate should help with your marketing efforts!

5. How about another Apple product, the iPod Touch from Rocket Profit….wow!

6. Another $250 cash in a Pepperjam Network account will make you smile!

7. Sure would be nice to have some custom T-shirts printed for your headline website, right? Well, Ndesigns is going to do that for you! This is 24 Custom Printed Shirts (color T’s, 3-4 color printing, one-sided).

8. The hottest new camera for blogging, The Flip, is provided by AdValiant!

9. Speaking of blogs, the MOST AMAZING paid theme ever is now yours from Revolution Theme and it isn’t just one, but the complete multi-pack!

10. To help you relax that hard working brain of yours, we close the package out with a Nintendo DS Lite from RevResponse!

You Can Read About How the Contest Works Here!

The contest which we just announced a few hours ago is already generating a lot of buzz.

I know some of you are wondering how my little ringtones side-project has been going but I promise to give an update on that shortly. The short story is that volume is getting better and I’m getting thousands of clicks daily at .04 to .07 cents a click. I’m making a few hundred dollars in daily commissions from ringtones but profits are still low at the moment. I have not had the time to do a whole lot of scaling with it the past couple weeks because of the contest. I do think I figured out exactly how some of the big boys are still making hundreds or thousands of dollars in ringtone profits daily through PPC.

Meanwhile, I just had 5 new landing pages designed for 3 new niches I’m entering over the next few weeks. Busy Bee is me.

Back on topic: Now Go Check Out the WT Merger contest!  The prizes are awesome. 🙂

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8 Responses to “Webmaster-Talk.com and EarnersForum.com MERGE!”

  1. Steven

    - 12th Apr, 08 03:04am

    Lots of big prizes there, gonna have to check it out.

  2. eric akmal

    - 12th Apr, 08 07:04am

    Wow .. nice prize hehe


  3. HiFi Guy

    - 13th Apr, 08 02:04pm

    It could be cool to win a macbook air to replace my HP laptop

  4. Syed Balkhi

    - 14th Apr, 08 05:04am

    Yeah this is a big merge might get big enough to give Digitalpoint some competition… I wish everyone good luck in the contest.

  5. HiFi Guy

    - 27th Apr, 08 06:04pm

    PS How can I get that little cloud before the comment link on the blog? Is that Haloscan and Blog template?

  6. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 20th May, 08 06:05pm

    Didn’t realise you were one of the owners of Webmaster-Talk.com but then I am new to your blog here. Great contest.

  7. Webmaster

    - 27th Sep, 08 07:09am

    Wow this is good news. I love it when two good players merge.

    It is always great for the consumers and I think this time too it is no different. Wow and the contest looks even better!

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