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Ringtones, Here I Come!

Posted on February 27, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

I’ve been working on a mixtures of tasks the past week but mostly setting up some new PPC campaigns.

One of the areas I’ve been dabbling in on a small scale is Ringtones. I’ve been direct linking (at a profit loss) the past few days while working on designing my own landing pages. I’ve also ordered two additional ringtones landing pages from a designer. I’m far to slow designing my own.

I often read that the ringtones niche is way oversaturated. That’s probably true if you are targeting some of the most obvious keywords such as “ringtones,” “Verizon ringtones” etc… I also read a lot of failure stories by those that lose money in the ringtones niche and give up.

On the other hand, I’ve read stories of people just recently entered the ringtones market and are making profits of $1,000 to $4,000 a day! The fact is that most affiliates will probably fail in the ringtones market but it’s still an extremely profitable niche for those who have the patience to test and learn.

In any case, I’m about to find out how I can do in the ringtones niche!

I think I’ll find the most success working long-tail keywords and finding keywords that don’t even have “ringtones” in them. I’ll be starting with thousands of keywords and hopefully build it out into the hundreds of thousands of keywords. I’m going to start with Adwords and then later move into Yahoo Publisher Network. I’ll be working in both Adwords Search and their Content Network.

I think my main obstacle is going to be to try and keep a decent Google quality score for my keywords.

Will I lose money? Will I make a killing with ringtones?

To be honest I don’t know exactly what to expect! But I’ll let you know how much I spent and my profit or loss in an update post. 🙂

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18 Responses to “Ringtones, Here I Come!”

  1. HiFi Guy

    - 28th Feb, 08 12:02am

    I thought the ringtone niche was dead for ages now…

    I’m doubtful about making $1,000 a day with ringtones

  2. Tay - Super Blogging

    - 28th Feb, 08 02:02am

    I agree, I thought the ringtone niche was a bit old, but it’s still one with some demand and I wish you the best of luck! I look forward to seeing how you do.

  3. Stephan Miller

    - 28th Feb, 08 09:02pm

    I would like to see what happens with this, because I, as well, thought this niche was done or too competitive to enter. But I entered the Spyware Remover niche with a bunch of long tail keywords when it was highly competitive and made money for months before I shut it down. So don’t let the naysayers rattle you.

  4. Land Projects UK

    - 29th Feb, 08 03:02am

    I thought ringtones are now obsolete. Anyway, I wish you good luck with that! hope you gonna make more profit.. 😉

  5. Virtual Reviews

    - 29th Feb, 08 08:02pm

    $1,000 a day profit? I doubt it…perhaps you meant “revenue”…now there’s a difference for those of you who dont know! Well, it’s worth it if you can by your self into the ringtone affiliate market, i.e: buy the keywords from an established ringtones marketer, or someone selling their campaigns, if you happen to come across such an offer. But it wont come cheap!

  6. nithin

    - 2nd Mar, 08 11:03am

    right now creating ring tones is becoming easy. There are many softwares from which you can directory create ring tones of your own.So these days, its becoming hard for people to sell ring tones over the internet. The only way to get sales for ring tones is by mouth to mouth advertising. But after reading this post I am again thinking of this. Anyway nice post and loved to read this.

  7. SEO fella

    - 4th Mar, 08 12:03am

    It will soon become quite a competitive business with affiliates jumping on ringtones 🙂

  8. Inkode - Aidan Rogers

    - 4th Mar, 08 04:03am

    I doing the exact same thing – only in a country that has almost ZERO competition…

  9. Tim Schroeder

    - 5th Mar, 08 01:03am

    ringtones are now obsolete

    I’m not saying this is going to be easy or that I think I’ll be making $1,000s or even $500 a day profit. But making significant profits with ringtones is still possible. Have you read through the Azoogle forum on Digital Point forums lately?

    I’ll be making an update post on how things are going shortly.

  10. FREE PPC Affiliate Tracking Tool 2.0

    - 5th Mar, 08 08:03am

    Hi Tim,

    Contacted you awhile back about our Tool but since you’re getting into it now, may want to give it a try and see how your case study goes with and without our Tool ^_~

  11. SEO fella

    - 5th Mar, 08 03:03pm

    Im a regular on DP. Il keep an eye for your update.

  12. vhxn.com

    - 7th Mar, 08 03:03pm

    These ring tone niches are aged but i am not sure how much profit you can earn through this niches anyway Best of Luck…

  13. Road to Success

    - 9th Mar, 08 07:03pm

    Hope things are going well Tim. I noticed you just don’t have time to update anymore.

  14. Guy Cohen

    - 10th Mar, 08 03:03am

    I think, this definitely one of the best online business. Good luck in your ringtone business!

  15. CashJuke

    - 11th Mar, 08 04:03am

    Good luck with that! I think you’re taking a good approach. Have you checked to see how many people search the keywords you’ll be targetting yet?


  16. John

    - 4th Aug, 08 04:08pm

    Yes, the ringtone niche is old. But the secret is to find the right keywords in this niche.

  17. free ringback tones

    - 10th Sep, 08 08:09pm

    There’s def still a ton of cash left in ringtones …for now. Verizons cracking down pretty bad but the other carriers are still good to go.


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