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Find Great Domains Fast – Three Easy Steps

Posted on January 29, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

Step 1: Generate Your Keyword List

Enter any keyword or keyword phrase into one of the recommended Keyword Research Tools found here. In this example, I’m going to use Wordtracker’s free keyword research tool and use the example keyword “shoes.” Highlight the results and copy them.

Step 2: Paste into Excel and Modify Columns

A. Paste the keywords data into Microsoft Excel.

B. Highlight Column A and delete.

C. Then Highlight Rows 1 through 5 and delete. All we want is the single column with the list of high volume keywords we built using Wordtracker.

D. Highlight the new Column A and then go to the EDIT menu and select REPLACE. In the FIND WHAT row you simply want to add a single space using your keyboards space bar. Put nothing in the REPLACE WITH row. Now just click REPLACE ALL and all the spaces in your keyword list will be removed instantly.

Step 3: Find a Great Exact Match Domain

A. Highlight Column A in your Excel Spreadsheet (which now contains no spaces in-between the keywords) and copy.

B. Head on over to http://www.domaintools.com/bulk-check/ and paste the keyword list into their “Bulk Check” form. Then click submit.

C. Find a Great Domain Name!

This bulk domain checker tool will let you know if the .com, .net or .org is registered, available and never registered, available but previously registered, used for parking, and more.

his is an incredible fast and effective way to find new micro niches and a new exact match domain to go along with it. For example, you could create a product blog or affiliate website based around a specific shoe brand such as “dexter shoes.” At the time of this post, dextershoes.net was available.

To Your Success!

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27 Responses to “Find Great Domains Fast – Three Easy Steps”

  1. Website Translation

    - 29th Jan, 08 08:01pm

    I’ve used this tactic in the past however it is hard to find domain names that if parked will at least return the reg fee. There are some gems to be found.

    I prefer more of a hybrid method and of using this technique to identify good keywords and then think of more professional word structure. I could have registered AlcoholtreatmentinAlaska.com but instead I chose Alcohol Treatment Clinics Often times the available domains of search terms are not very natural for what someone would “direct type in” or very brandable.

    It’s a good technique that if you use intelligently can help you find good domains.

  2. Robert

    - 29th Jan, 08 08:01pm

    This is a wonderful and easy tip. I go to SEOBook, which has a keyword tool (backed by wordtracker) that allows exporting to CVS, simplifying a little bit.

  3. Steven

    - 30th Jan, 08 04:01am

    This is cool. I just bought a domain name yesterday or I would give it a shot right away.

  4. Interwebhunt

    - 30th Jan, 08 05:01pm

    Good posting, this has worked for me in the past, but its harder and harder to find decent domains that will return a profit right off the bat.

  5. Official Hosting Plans

    - 31st Jan, 08 04:01pm

    This is the type of trick I suggest to all of my customers. finding the best domain name is one of the most important aspects of being successful online.

  6. Forrest

    - 1st Feb, 08 03:02am

    What a great trick! I don’t have time to keep the few blogs I already have up to date … but this is still such an elegant solution. As a software developer, this is the kind of power and simplicity we all strive for.

  7. nithin

    - 1st Feb, 08 01:02pm

    hi, that was a real good one. I generally understand everything until i dont experiene it myself. This is a draw back with me. I came to know all about this after I started a free blog from blogger and then brought a domain with the name that is similar to my blogspot URL.

    So after buying this and forwarding that to my domain , I could understand each and every point that you have told here. Reallly this is must to follow or else you are the only guy who is going to loose a great traffic.

    You took so much time to write all about this. Thats great.

  8. Fare Soldi

    - 5th Feb, 08 06:02pm

    Awesome tip.
    I am going to use it right away.

    Thanks, your blog is always a great source for good stuff!


  9. Geld Lenen

    - 6th Feb, 08 09:02pm

    Really nice tip indeed. Unfortunately there aren’t so many registrars that let you bulk check .nl tld’s

    The ones that do, completely fail in doing so 🙂

  10. inkode 7.0

    - 12th Feb, 08 04:02am

    Domain bot is good for finding domains.

  11. johnrobin

    - 13th Feb, 08 03:02pm

    Whew.. I used to do this manually.. inserting/typing this one by one 🙁
    now you give me the point.. if you sit near me, i buy you a beer ( if you like so lol… ) thanks a lot.. ( I like the dollar image on your header 😉 )

  12. johnrobin

    - 13th Feb, 08 03:02pm

    I forget something.. you better put a hypen in replace of space.. human will easily read and remember your domain besides search engines will understand also.. many webmasters on forums like domain with hyphen eg. nike-shoes rather than nikeshoes…

  13. Paul

    - 17th Feb, 08 07:02pm

    Webmasters might like hyphens but if you are in the business of buying and selling domains, they are much harder to sell!

  14. lening

    - 17th Feb, 08 09:02pm

    Another great source is Namejet, is linked to Enom. But here you can put in some keywords like “guide” and domains that become available with that word in it you’ll get an e-mail.

    Easy source 🙂

  15. Popular Wealth

    - 19th Feb, 08 12:02pm

    I don’t know about “adidasshoes” but the rest are great. There are still a LOT of great domain names out there, very useful guide. Thanks.

  16. Sahara

    - 18th Mar, 08 01:03am

    Thanks for the tutorial. Great info on the blog.

  17. Heida

    - 15th May, 08 07:05pm

    That is a cool tip. It would be even neater if you didn’t have to sort through all the long tail keywords that don’t even make sense or are even longer than a url. But still a cool trick.

  18. Tennis in London

    - 19th May, 08 12:05pm

    Great post, I’m going to give this method a try and see how it goes.

  19. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 25th May, 08 06:05pm

    great advice have just done this and bought a new domain name based on your advice, great work

  20. Erik

    - 9th Jul, 08 07:07am

    Great Tip,

    Google appreciate your domainname in ranking. That’s why i choose geld lenen in my url. It brings me a lot of trafic…

  21. Web Design Zoo

    - 8th Aug, 08 09:08am

    Cool tip, would save hours of time. Bookmarked!

  22. geld lenen

    - 14th Oct, 08 09:10pm

    Like wow! Never thought about that one. I will use this trick in the future maybe!

  23. Autoverzekering

    - 17th Nov, 08 02:11am

    This is cool, thanks for sharing.

  24. Glass Beads

    - 25th May, 09 01:05pm

    wow man, a very useful trick. worth giving a try. Thanks for the nice post.

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