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New PepperJam Affiliate Network Launched (pepperjamNETWORK)

Posted on January 15, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

While browsing over some other blogs today I read out about the official launch of a new affiliate network, the PepperJam Affiliate Network! The second I heard about them I signed up and you should too!

The new PepperJam Network isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill affiliate network. They like to call themselves “The Next Generation Affiliate Marketing.” In fact, they want you to “Join the Revolution,” because afterall, “Affiliates have spoken and PepperJam listed!”

So now you might be thinking that those are just a bunch of great buzz words and not much is really going to be different. Well, your right if you think those are great buzz words but wrong if you think they are only just that. That fact is that PepperJam Network IS different and will only get better over time!


Once logged in and within the “Find Partners” you will see something like this:

You can search PepperJam partners by Keyword, Category and Joined / Not Joined. Under that you will see a list of available merchants under the headings of No., Program Name, Accept Method, Commission, and Action. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but right now when I select all categories and the maximum of 50 results per page, there is no “next” link to view the rest of the merchants after 50. If I narrow it down by category then it should not be a problem anyway.

Program Name:

Under program name and next to the name of the merchant you will see a little chat icon.

The chat icon will be dark if the affiliate manager for that particular merchant is offline or light-up if the affiliate manager is online. If they are online, you can chat with them instantly!

That’s what’s so exciting about this new network. They are incorporating new Web 2.0 technologies that the dinosaur affiliate networks are lacking. PepperJam Network is about transparency between both you the affiliate and the specific affiliate program manager. Good affiliate / merchant communication can be the difference between success and failure.

Clicking on the partner name will bring up a box showing many details of the program including all the additional contact information you should need about the merchant.

Accept Method, Commission and Action:

Under the accept method heading it will tell you if the affiliate program manually approves you into their program or if you will be approved instantly and automatically.

Under the commission heading if you mouse over “View” it will show you the default terms of the program (per sale or lead payout amounts and the cookie duration). While you can also find the historical EPC of a program I wish that info showed in this section.

Finally under the action heading is where you can click to join a particular program. The newest merchants are shown in a right sidebar.


Once you have been approved into a program the main “generating links” page will show you all the merchants you can promote. I’m not going to show a screenshot of this but I love how it also shows the affiliate managers name, program website, and their specific direct phone number! Now that’s a refreshing change!

Clicking on “more detail” within the generating links section will show you the commission rates, commission terms and historical EPC. You will also find the links to program specific text or banner creatives.

You can create links using optional SID tracking if desired.


In the resource center you will find two tabs containing “Super Affiliate Resources” and “Educational Resources.” Under the education resources you will mostly find links to a few forums and affiliate marketing blogs (their buddies). All I can say is Kris Jones, I love you buddy! How about showing a little eMonetized.com love! (as if that is going to work). 😉 As the old saying goes, it’s not just what you know but who you know!


There are a lot of other great new features that PepperJam Network offers it’s affiliates. The network is new and that can give you a nice edge when promoting their exclusive affiliate programs.

Click Here to Join the PepperJam Network Now!

(already joined? How are you liking the network?)

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10 Responses to “New PepperJam Affiliate Network Launched (pepperjamNETWORK)”

  1. Kris Jones

    - 15th Jan, 08 11:01pm


    Thanks for your resounding plug of Pepperjam Network.

    I’d love to clip one or two of your lines for a testimonial on our site – let me know if you approve!

    By the way – our Resource Center includes the RSS feeds and tools that I use – yes, many of these folks are my friends, but many of them aren’t. Also, many of my other friends want to be there, but are on a waiting list.

    We hope your readers are about as enthusiastic as you with Pepperjam Network!


  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 16th Jan, 08 02:01am

    Hi Kris. Yes I approve of the use of part of my review as a testimonial on PepperJamNetwork and thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. make money online

    - 17th Jan, 08 03:01pm

    nice post and i think this affiliate has still a long way to go but it has enough potential to be at the top.

  4. GettyCash

    - 6th Apr, 08 04:04am

    I’ve just signed up with them today.

  5. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 26th May, 08 09:05am

    pepper jam are an excellent network and have some great easy to use tools, great review.

  6. funny video

    - 31st Jul, 08 09:07am

    Hi,thanks for the review,i was thinking of joining pj .

  7. Peterson Mark

    - 8th Aug, 08 11:08am

    I’ve joined PepperJamNetwork today and waiting approval. Do they accept affiliates from US only? I had read like this some where.. Is that true? If true then my application will be rejected for sure.

  8. Watch UK & US TV Abroad

    - 10th Jul, 09 12:07am

    Yeah i can agree with you on pepperjam, they are a great network and they seem to be getting better and better…. Pepperjam Store Builder allows you to quickly and easily manipulate Pepperjam Network product feeds in real-time to build product storefronts on your Web site….

  9. michme81

    - 23rd Oct, 09 08:10am

    Pepperjam is a great network with a lot of potential to be one of the best. Great exclusive offers and excellent communication.

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