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Thanks For The Christmas Gifts Google!

Posted on December 17, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

For the past few years Google has been sending me a Christmas gift. It’s always exciting to see what will show up.

A couple of years ago it was a huge Google Beach Towel. You might notice the small hole in the upper right hand corner of the towel. It has had some use. 🙂

Then last year it was a pack full of cool goodies such as a cordless Google mouse, a 4 port Google USB Hub, a Google Thumb drive, Google headphones, and a USB flashlight.

This year Google sent be a really cool 2 GB Flash Drive that is slightly larger than a credit card!

Along with the flash drive Google sent a $100 gift card for making a donation to DonorsChoose.org. Pretty cool.

You might be wondering how much you have to spend with Google in order to receive a Christmas gift? At the moment I personally spend anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 a month with Google Adwords. I think that is going to increase a lot next year as I refocus on more PPC marketing profits.

I think your specific gift also depends on how much you spend because there are some getting even bigger gifts such as a mini Google refrigerator.

Thanks Google! 🙂

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19 Responses to “Thanks For The Christmas Gifts Google!”

  1. dino

    - 17th Dec, 07 05:12pm

    Wow! those were some great gifts,I really liked the second one.
    Wish you good luck for 2008!

  2. imprinted promotional products

    - 18th Dec, 07 01:12am

    I have also been using adwords for sometime now. I never thought google will send us Christmas gifts. So kind of them in this regard. We i don’t spend more than 1000$ per month. 6000$ per month is still a long way for me. Congrats!

  3. redspace

    - 18th Dec, 07 02:12am

    are you saying PPC is making you a lot of money and google loves you for that. i hope i will have some money in the future to try PPC. if you are in internet marketing you got try it at least once.

  4. Malignition.com

    - 18th Dec, 07 03:12am

    Google’s sent some pretty cool gifts your way. I wouldn’t mind getting one of those Google mini-fridges :).

  5. Flanture

    - 20th Dec, 07 01:12am

    6k – 9k per month? I would sent you that mini-fridge no problem – full with google beer !

  6. Hottest Girls

    - 20th Dec, 07 05:12am

    totally sick! I never knew Google gave out gifts. All I get is xmas cards 🙁 I’ll have to work on spending $xxxx next year at Google hehe

  7. Cash Dominator - Make Money Online

    - 20th Dec, 07 10:12am

    Last year’s package looks awesome. I wonder why Google doesn’t send something cooler, like a wristwatch or Google branded iPod socks. 😀

  8. Ruchir

    - 20th Dec, 07 11:12am

    Wow…cool gadgets. Make me want to spend on AdWords 😆

  9. That Single Guy

    - 20th Dec, 07 02:12pm

    Very nice, wonder when they’ll start sending me stuff 🙂

  10. Stephan Miller

    - 20th Dec, 07 03:12pm

    I spend from $3000 to $5000. Must have just missed the mark. I just got the card. Pretty cool though for friends who don’t know what I do. They think I’m special to get a card from Google. LOL

  11. Quality Nonsense

    - 22nd Dec, 07 05:12pm

    Shame, my Google gift appears to have gone AWOL this year.

  12. Felix

    - 29th Dec, 07 09:12pm

    Lovely gifts from Mighty Google. To bad its only for those who spend on adwords 🙂

  13. Nathan

    - 5th Jan, 08 09:01pm

    Oh man. I wan a Google Mini Fridge!

    OR how about a Google house or Google car? Hmmm….

  14. Fare Soldi

    - 9th Jan, 08 06:01pm

    I wonder when Google will send some present to me.
    Do you know if there is any requirement?


  15. Highland Park Realtor

    - 10th Jan, 08 07:01pm

    I’m still waiting on my Google gear. 🙁

  16. takeoffzone

    - 13th Jan, 08 03:01am

    I guess one has to spend over $5,000 a month with Google Adwords to get those gadgets from them. Wow Tim! You are an Adsense fanatic. Nice gifts though! Javier.-

  17. Wealthy Affiliate Review

    - 13th Jan, 08 06:01pm

    We’re currently ramping up our PPC campaigns, we were at around $800/mo in Oct 2007, and have tripled that to $2,400/mo right now. Hopefully that puts me well in line for some cool stuff next year. I wonder what the cutoff is?

  18. SEO Web Design

    - 16th Jan, 08 02:01pm

    Very nice gifts. But i think they give the gifts according to geographic location. I did not receive what you got there. Instead mine was a Google mini fridge.

  19. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 30th May, 08 06:05pm

    I’m loving the towel. Wow I can’t believe you spend that much but it must be worth it or you wouldn’t be doing it. You blog is an inspiration.

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