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Build A Niche Store Case Study: Day 1

Posted on December 06, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Update: I’m not using BuildANicheStore anymore but there are a few tips below you might be able to use as reference.

Today is the start of my Build a Niche Store Case Study where I’ll outline step-by-step what I do to try and make money with BANS. I’ll provide updates on the domains I use, different methods of marketing I use and how much money each BANS website makes.


Having never used BANS it’s hard for me to determine just how much I think I will make. A lot of it has to do with how much time you put into it. Simply throwing up a BANS website with zero customizations or marketing probably isn’t going to do well.

How much money you make also is likely determined by the Niches you choose:

1. What’s the popularity of your target keyword phrases?

2. What are the average eBay bids on the products you target and how competitive is the bidding?

3. How competitive are the rankings for you main target search phrases in Google?

4. Is your target Niche to broad?

Ultimately my short term goal is to just have my BANS websites earnings an couple hundred dollars a month in commissions. If I was devoting more time to this project then my target goals would be higher. I doubt these BANS websites will ever even be close to my main source of income, but if they can make $500 a month on auto-pilot then I’ll be satisfied (at least in the short term).

STEP ONE: Choosing A Domain Name(s).

This is going to be one of my most important tips:

When at all possible, BUY AN EXACT MATCH DOMAIN of your main target keyphrase! A lot of you have commented that the hardest part on using BANS is getting traffic to the website and an exact match domain will give you an advantage. Buy the .com if available but a .net exact match domain works well also. I would not buy any other the other TLDs.

For example, if you were using a BANS website to target a broad niche such as “gps.” I’d type-in “gps” to a free keyword research tool and see what comes up. I’d then narrow these results down. In this example, I’ll view the results for “best gps.” The free wordtracker tool show 486 searches a day for that search term but unsurprisingly the domains are taken. How about the next keyword based on volume, “best handheld gps.” Those exact match domains are also taken.

Skipping forward, I checked “best auto gps” which gets about 79 searches a day. The .com is taken but at the time of this post, BestAutoGPS.net was available! Bingo! That’s a pretty good exact match domain with decent traffic that would be a great BANS candidate. Auto GPS devices are not cheap so your commissions would be higher. I just purchased it. 🙂 There are other nice exact match GPS candidates available.


1. Best Baby Monitors via BestBabyMonitors.net

This is a pretty good niche but not necessarily an ideal exact match because “best baby monitors” only gets about 14 searches a day. On the other hand, baby monitors are usually $50 to $200+ dollars so commissions should be decent.

2. Pet Strollers via PetStrollers.net

Originally I was searching for strollers with babies in mind but noticed that “pet strollers” has about 299 searches a day. I jumped over to GoDaddy and found that the domain PetStrollers.net was available. I think this has potential, but on the downside it does not look like there are a large amount of bids going on at eBay for these strollers (even though a lot are listed).

3. Best Auto GPS via BestAutoGPS.net

I think this domain which I picked up today has the most potential in my opinion. Auto GPS has the most expensive products of the three and good search volume. There is also lots of bidding going on at eBay for Auto GPS.


So that’s it for day one of this new Build A Niche Store case study! I’ll update you when I’ve uploaded the domains to the server and begun installing Build a Niche store to the domains. After that it will be some customization and finally the beginning of the marketing.

If you want to know more about Build a Niche Store, Click Here.

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12 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Case Study: Day 1”

  1. James Mann

    - 7th Dec, 07 11:12am

    Thanks for the post.

    I have BANS and have started learning and setting up.

    I decided to use an old domain that we originally setup for website promoting but never went anywhere with it. At the time I had way too much on the go and dropped a few domains, this being one of them.

    It really isn’t suited to fly fishing but that’s what I experimented with and almost over night I was earning a little, which surprised me as we have not promoted this domain for years.

    I will follow you posts to see how much I can learn from you, thanks.

  2. Michael Woo

    - 7th Dec, 07 11:12am

    I’m anxious to know what would your outcome be.. you see i’m trying out affiliate marketing and hope that you will leave a trick or two here 😀

  3. Sean Winter

    - 7th Dec, 07 06:12pm

    These websites actually turn a profit sometimes. But like any business you must be able to drive traffic to your site.

  4. CY from Build A Niche Store Blog

    - 8th Dec, 07 05:12am

    hey tim:

    I used it, profit it but somehow left the program for some reasons.

    The keys are drivin targetted traffic and sellin hot items

  5. Self Improvement Ideas

    - 9th Dec, 07 10:12am

    i guess it depends on the niche, but there does seem to be good potential for profit, providing you can get the traffic.

  6. rare pennies

    - 9th Dec, 07 08:12pm

    I also built a bans store. Its number 4 in yahoo within a few days, but the title isn’t my niche instead its build a niche store

  7. Super Affiliate Blog

    - 13th Dec, 07 05:12am

    Sounds interesting, care to share more?

  8. Chris @ ComicHacks.com

    - 20th Jan, 08 01:01am


    Just curious if you’ll be posting any updates. Love to hear more about this. Thanks!

  9. Greg G.

    - 30th Apr, 08 05:04pm

    I guess this didnt work out for you since all the sites are down and you never updated. I found your site looking for reviews. It would be interesting to know what happened.

  10. Tim Schroeder

    - 30th Apr, 08 06:04pm

    Unfortunately I didn’t get very far into this Case study. I may try and start it over in the future. Things got to busy.

  11. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 30th May, 08 06:05pm

    great advice. Matching the domain name to keywords is critical because google loves exact matches. I still like the idea of pet strollers that must be one heck of a niche market!


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