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Can I Make Money With Build a Niche Store?

Posted on December 04, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Build a Niche Store, also known as BANS, has been around for quite some time now but the program continues to create buzz throughout the blogosphere. I first read about BANS a few months ago and put it on my to-do list for some future projects. Well I finally got around to purchasing Build a Niche Store and plan to create several transparent case studies here on eMonetized using BANS.

I have no doubt big money can be and is being made with Build a Niche Store. However, in my case I have some existing projects that are higher on the priority list so I’ll be working on my new BANS websites in my free time.


BANS is an eBay affiliate website builder. If you are not already an affiliate, you can join the eBay affiliate program through CJ.com.

I’m not going to get into a nitty gritty review of Build a Niche Store at this time but I’ve already installed BANS on one test website and BANS does just what it is supposed to: It builds quick, powerful, highly customizable eBay style stores in minutes.

It certainly will be worth it to take extra time to further customize your eBay store since using the exact same template as everyone else is a bad idea. Here is an example of a more customized BANS websites (not my own site): Watches

At first glance, you might think the Build a Niche Store program is too expensive, but when you think about that you get free updates for life and an unlimited domains use license it’s really an awesome deal!


I picked up two domains about a month ago specifically for doing some BANS case studies. Shortly, I’ll reveal the urls and outline everything I’ll do to try and make money from these new BANS websites.

You Can Buy or Read More About Build A Niche Store Here

If you have already purchased BANS, how is it going for you?

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13 Responses to “Can I Make Money With Build a Niche Store?”

  1. Erik Karey

    - 4th Dec, 07 09:12pm

    I haven’t purchased BANS, but I did buy phpBay which is a eBay store plugin for WordPress and they have an API version. It’s just as easy to use and I like it because it allows me to use WordPress which is SEO friendly, has tons of plugins and tons of templates.

  2. Ken Savage

    - 5th Dec, 07 02:12am

    BANS makes it easier to build sites quickly but marketing them and getting the traffic there is a whole new story.

  3. Tay - Super Blogging

    - 5th Dec, 07 04:12am

    Looks interesting enough, I’ve never actually even heard of it before. I think it would be great to run a niche site promoting affiliate products especially at this time of the year, when everyone is buzzing over Christmas shopping, etc. I read a post on BloggingFingers.com about building a niche site in the beginning of December and selling it January for 10x the month’s profits, so that’ll be interesting too. 🙂

  4. James Mann

    - 5th Dec, 07 11:12am

    I just purchased BANS and have only had time to play with it a bit, but enough to have setup a couple of sites already. It was pretty much a breeze, because I followed the instructions, which made it easier.

    I didn’t even take the time to purchase a new domain to try it on yet. I just used a couple of old domains that I had sitting around.

    I have only made a little bit so far but I didn’t expect to be making anything as I was only learning how to setup BANS.

    It’s pretty cool and well worthing checking out.

  5. Joey

    - 5th Dec, 07 07:12pm

    I purchased PHPbay Pro also. But I may get Bans later so I can fully test them both. I will be interested in reading your case studies.

  6. coozies

    - 5th Dec, 07 10:12pm

    im still looking into purchasing BANS

    let us know how your store does after a few months

  7. Super Affiliate Blog

    - 13th Dec, 07 05:12am

    After building a niche store, where do you get your traffic other than seo? Would ppc be a suitable source of traffic for niche stores?

  8. redspace

    - 14th Dec, 07 05:12pm

    i like to try BANS myself. it looks like a good one. but need wait a little longer before trying it. maybe i can learn here how your BANS project turn out for you.

  9. Pool Tables for Sale

    - 7th Apr, 08 05:04pm

    That would depend on your turnover I guess. Some people have used ppc succesfully while others haven’t because their niche is to competitive and the ppc costs are too high. It might be possible to use ppc for high ticket items like cars, trucks and boats or expensive antiques but I haven’t experimented with it yet. As with all ppc its a math game…

  10. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 30th May, 08 06:05pm

    thanks for this information I’ve never come across BANS before but am now giving it some serious consideration.

  11. Andre Mainez

    - 13th Aug, 08 09:08pm

    I once heard that google de-indexed all website that have been made with BANS. Is it true?

  12. Build A Niche Store Feeds

    - 14th Apr, 09 08:04am

    Yeah, a lot of BANS sites got de-indexed, mostly those on the .info domain. People gave up on ’em but I know a lot of people who still have stores unaffected and are making money.

    If your store is de-indexed I’d suggest cleaning it up some and ask for re-inclusion. Hope this helps.


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