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Win a Free Copy of “An American Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes

Posted on November 30, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

In the previous post, TimothySykes made a guest post talking about his new venture to see if he can replicate his success outlined in his book,
An American Hedge Fund.

Well, I just so happen to have the opportunity to give away three free copies of An American Hedge Fund to three of my eMonetized readers. I actually have quite a few other things to give away such as some Firefly lighted keyboards.

The problem is that I have not come up with any good ideas for some new eMonetized contests yet so I’ll start off with this one:

1. Reply with a future contest idea you would like to see me have on eMonetized.

2. I’ll pick the best idea and have a free copy of Timothy Syke’s An American Hedge Fund shipped out to you.

That’s all you have to do.

By the way, I have some new case studies I am hoping to kick off and share with you next week.

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11 Responses to “Win a Free Copy of “An American Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes”

  1. 10KPortfolio

    - 30th Nov, 07 08:11pm

    I hear a lot of great things about that book. I will be coming up with a contest idea for you.

  2. Ryan

    - 30th Nov, 07 08:11pm

    You could give away an Amazon Kindle in exchange for keyword optimized blog posts. I’ve been dying to see one of those in a contest.

  3. thatedeguy

    - 30th Nov, 07 09:11pm

    How bout something fun and semi-unique? Posts about eMonetized in Poem form. Haikus even. Or, you could do a mini-guest post competition where each contestant submits a short 150-200 word tip as a guest post. Let the contestants vote for a favorite and use that in deciding a winner.

  4. Steven

    - 30th Nov, 07 11:11pm

    Well a lot of contests generally focus around linkbacks, comments, or RSS subscription, etc… to receive entries for a drawing. I personally like the ones where if you comment, you get an entry. Call it done. Short, simple, and easy enough for everyone to participate.

  5. bmunch

    - 2nd Dec, 07 04:12pm

    Ask contestblogger.com to organized it for you? This way more people will know about your contest and could mean more traffic for you.

    (Disclamer: I am not affiliated with contestblogger in any way. Just a fan.)

  6. Matt

    - 2nd Dec, 07 05:12pm

    Sounds like a great book with lots of valuable knowledge…as far as contests go it’s a bit tough, but I guess you can have “Most Eye-Opening Comment” as a contest or something along the lines of rewarding good comments

  7. Steven

    - 3rd Dec, 07 01:12am

    I believe contest blogger would charge a fee to post the contest (unsure about this part) and he just gets the word out, that doesn’t mean he’ll set up the contest rules or how the contest would be conducted. Totally separate thing Tim is asking for

  8. Josh Spaulding

    - 4th Dec, 07 02:12pm

    I couldn’t think of a contest idea a few months back and did the same exact thing. I still haven’t launched the contest that the winner came up with 🙂 although I will be soon.

    Alot of my readers recommended submitting to the blog contest sites, but all of them I found had very low visibility. Do you know of any?

  9. Tim Schroeder

    - 4th Dec, 07 09:12pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to let this contest run just a couple more days and then select a winner. 🙂

  10. Hedge Fund Riches

    - 2nd Apr, 09 08:04pm

    I read this book, its very good.


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