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TNX – A Better Way to Buy and Sell Text Links?

Posted on November 12, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

The growth of the new TNX text link ads network is pretty amazing. Within a couple short months their Alexa rating is currently at 13,236 but even more impressive is their current 32,636 users. It’s clear that their timing was right and that those buying and selling text links were looking for a better system.


Registering with TNX as an Advertiser or Publisher literally only take a couple minutes. I’m going to start my first advertising campaign at the same time as writing this post.

Step 1: The first step is to simply give my new campaign a name.

Step 2: Next I choose a a few relevant categories.

They recommend you choose 5 to 7 different categories but if you want to be on the most relevant websites then that number seems a little high. Categories to choose from include E-Commerce, Directories, Automotive, Real Estate, Games, SEO, etc… Then next to each category it lists the total number of websites within that category in addition to “$” signs. A category with one $ sign would cost you less points than a category with three $$$. The total number of websites showing TNX links appears to be 11,649 at this time.

One cool feature is the ability to only advertise on websites with a minimum number of backlinks. For example, you can choose to advertise on websites that have a least 500 backlinks, at least 5,000 backlink, or least 50,000 etc…

You can also choose to advertise on websites based on their PageRank from 0 and up to a PR7. Ultimately, your cost per link increases if you require links on higher Page Rank websites. For example, for 20,000 points you can purchase up to 20,000 links from pages with PR 0 or up to 100 from pages with PR 3. Depending on what categories you choose, 20,000 points would cost you approximately $25.00 a month.

I ultimately chose buy 20,000 points which will put my link on 1866 PR0 pages. Note that I’m not pointing to these links to eMonetized but rather to a fairly new website of mine which I don’t mine experimenting with.

Step 3: Add Your Text Links.

In this section they have a default “simple setup” option, an option to upload a text file with your links or a new advanced link generator option. I chose the advanced link generator. This tool allows you to create a variety of link anchors to make your links look natural.

Step 4: Choosing The Number of Links.

This step requires you to choose the number of links that will be placed within each of the categories you chose. They suggest you order 30-100 links for each category and to order more links in those categories that are more relevant to the content of your website.

So that’s it and I’m waiting for my campaign to be approved.

You can read more FAQ about the TNX advertiser program here

** IMPORTANT: Ultimately if you are going to purchase text link ads you are going to want them to appear as natural as possible. These means varying your anchor text and NOT adding too many backlinks at one time. Buying hundreds or thousands of links with the same anchor text and all at the same time is probably just going to get your website penalized.

The TNX system allows you to easily create different text ads with varying anchor text. You could also only purchase a few text links every week or month to increase your chances of not raising any flags with Google. However, I wish TNX had a feature that would automatically limit how fast new links are placed. For example, if I was to order 100 new backlinks, the system could place 10 each week until the order is filled (or even better, varying the amount of links each week up to a certain amount).

The TNX network looks like a good program worth experimenting with but I’d recommend TNX hire a professional copywriter to review their website because I found a few spelling and grammatical errors. It’s not a big deal because I make plenty of those types of errors myself but it would help to clean up their copy.


The main advantage of the TNX system for publishers is that you are able to sell links on every page of your websites, instead of just the main page. As a publisher, you can only choose relevant ads to show on your website. This is a good move for both TNX, the publisher and the advertiser.

The TNX network takes just 12.5% in commission which is a whole lot better than the other popular text link ad services.

When you display TNX advertisers text link on your website, you will build up points which can be used to create your own ad campaigns or to sell them.

The setup is a quick and easy three step process.

Step 1: Install the TNX code on your site.
Step 2: Add your site into the TNX system (approval takes 1-2 days).
Step 3: Raise the number of links displayed on pages of your website. The maximum is 4 links.

You can read more FAQ about the TNX publisher program here.


When you refer a new webmaster to the TNX system, you will receive 13.3% of all “TNX-points” they earn. The cool part is that interest is paid for the lifetime of the member. I love lifetime commission programs. You can read more about the TNX affiliate program here.

What Can You Do With These Points?

1. You can use them to advertise your own websites within the TNX network.
2. You can just let them “accumulate” in your account and observe how they grow in value as the system becomes more efficient due to increasing number of participating websites.
3. You can sell your “TNX-points” to the network, or send them to another participant of the network. Each participant has the right to transfer their “TNX-points” to any other participant (without commission) and set your own price.


For a limited time, TNX is also giving away up to 5000 free points to new advertisers. These points will allow you to get free text link ads on up to 5,000 websites. If you have not joined TNX you can do so by clicking here (my aff link). Then all you have to do to get the free credits is reply in this thread with your new TNX ID.

I’d be curious to hear from those already using TNX as an advertiser or publisher. How is it going for you?

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18 Responses to “TNX – A Better Way to Buy and Sell Text Links?”

  1. Michael Woo

    - 12th Nov, 07 03:11pm

    I think that this is a cheap way to buy text links in bulk.. esp when you get double is you purchase big time..

    It’s good stuff for advertisers but publishers earn lesser, I used their calculator but it gave me lower ratings compared to TLA

    But good thing is you can use back the points to purchase links on another site – FREE marketing! 😀

  2. Steven Bradley

    - 12th Nov, 07 07:11pm

    Nice review Tim. It might too soon to know yet, but do you have an idea how Google sees TNX? Same as any other link buyer/seller?

  3. Dino

    - 14th Nov, 07 10:11am

    great review.I think tnx is going to be a great success because this new advertising system gives the combined benefit of the various promotion methods.Other other systems like ppc etc. are no doubt good,but they do have some serious drawbacks.

  4. Wakish

    - 15th Nov, 07 11:11pm

    Lets hope for the best! 🙂

    – Wakish –

  5. Susan

    - 17th Nov, 07 03:11am

    How long has it been? Have you seen any results from this service yet?

  6. Stephan Miller

    - 17th Nov, 07 08:11pm

    Sounds like a great deal on both the publishing and advertising site. I’m signing up with your link and giving it a go.

  7. Andrew Ooi

    - 18th Nov, 07 08:11am

    I did try out TNX but after the last Google nuke on my blogs, I’ve taken it all out. The codes are easily detected by Google and it’s just too risky to put up my PR to be nuked again 🙁

  8. Steven Finch

    - 20th Nov, 07 10:11am

    This is a really comprehensive review. Thanks. Although im not too sure i will be using it, becuase Text Link Ads are the flavour of the month.

  9. Fabien of SmallFishBigMoney

    - 1st Dec, 07 07:12am

    I am still a bit skeptical about TNX links, I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    Thanks for the post,
    Fabien of Small Fish Big Money

  10. Cash Dominator - Make Money Online

    - 20th Dec, 07 08:12pm

    I’ve tried it with one of my new niche sites (about dog related products), but TNX’s service didn’t help anything… the backlinks didn’t appear in the search engines.

  11. Amit

    - 5th Jan, 08 08:01am

    Google has banned TNX, I am planning to give this system a try soon. But it is kind of risky.

  12. Jeff

    - 8th Feb, 08 07:02am

    Amit, I hope you understand that Google will ban anything that clearly stands on its way.

    Even though Evil G. has banned domain name TNX.net, guys from TNX are Russians, and usually you don’t **** with them, because they are smarter than you. Google both of these keywords: “sell links” and “buy links” to see how it is to compete with guys who have brain.

    Matt Cutts must be fired!

  13. Earning Blog

    - 23rd Feb, 08 04:02am

    I know that someone write an ebook and sell it out said that “Get 1000,000 today without getting ban by google”, do you try this method yet? They said have something to do with tnx….

  14. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 4th Jun, 08 06:06pm

    thanks for the review of TNX. I’ve never come across it before but sounds like a good one to sign up with. Adsense offers such low returns sometimes.

  15. Auto and Home Insurance Rates

    - 12th Jun, 08 10:06pm

    How do you insure that the links you buy are actually out there?

  16. UK Paid Surveys

    - 2nd Aug, 08 05:08pm

    great review.I think tnx is going to be a great success because this new advertising system gives the combined benefit of the various promotion methods.

  17. Busby

    - 3rd Aug, 08 06:08pm

    I have a few friends that have NOT seen any SERP’s improvement using TNX. Also from a publisher perspective, anything that leaves a footprint is asking for trouble and the TNX code that you embed on your page is something to be wary of.


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