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Go Dynamic! …with Google Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Posted on November 05, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

As I continue to experiment with new affiliate PPC campaigns, I’ve been venturing into new techniques I previously had not tried. One of those techniques is using “Dynamic Keyword Insertion” (also known as DKI) with Adwords. DKI allows you to have specific keywords in your advertising campaign displayed automatically within your text ads. Here is how to do it…

Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion Within Your Adwords Text Ads:

In this example, lets say you want to target “Dog Training” keywords.

If you were targeting the keyword “Train Dog” in Google Adwords, you text Ad might look something like this:

How To Train A Dog
40,000+ Copies Sold. Train Dog
With Immediate Results, Guaranteed!

You are probably going to want to expand your campaign from broad keywords to more specific highly targeted keywords as well (such as breeds of dogs).

For example, “Train Beagle” Train Collie” “Train Bulldog”

Instead of setting up a separate Adword’s Adgroup with a different Text Ad for each keyword you can consider using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. In this example, here is how you would do this:

1. Setup Adgroup named “Train Dog”

2. Add keywords (preferably using exact and phrase match).
[Train Beagle]
[Train Collie]
[Train Bulldog]
“Train Beagle”
“Train Collie”
“Train Bulldog”
ect…you would continue this with all dog breed names.

3. Create the Text Ad in the following format:

{KeyWord:How To Train Your Dog}
40,000+ Copies Sold. How to Train
With Immediate Results, Guaranteed!

Now when someone searches for “Train Beagle” your ad will appear like this (automatically!):

Train Beagle
40,000+ Copies Sold. How to Train
With Immediate Results, Guaranteed!

How Does It Work?

The syntax for Google AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion is {keyword: } but you will also need to add some default text after “KeyWord:” and within brackets.

The text placed after the colon is the default text which is displayed in the case that your keyword phrase is too long to be dynamically inserted into the ad.

The syntax code also allows for automatic capitalization changes:

> If you want to use all lower case use: {keyword:Default Text}
> If you want to use all UPPER CASE use: {KEYWORD:Default Text}
> If you want the First Letter Of Each Word all caps use:
{KeyWord:Default Text}
> If you want the First letter of first word caps use: {Keyword:Default Text}
> If you want the FIRST word all caps and everything else lower case use: {KEYword:Default Text}
> If you want the FIRST Word All Caps And The First Letter of other words all upper case use: {KEYWord:Default Text}

In part 2 of “Go Dynamic” I’ll explain how to use Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion on your landing page.

To Your Success!

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15 Responses to “Go Dynamic! …with Google Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion”

  1. James - DigitalKeyToInfo

    - 6th Nov, 07 01:11am

    That is one of the most useful AdWord posts I have seen in a long time. I knew this could be done (or heard it could be done), but I have not seen how to do it.

  2. Leo Dimilo

    - 6th Nov, 07 04:11am

    Very good post. Most of us who use PPC can build a better ad by using this.

    Of course, the better substitute headline would be “how to train your {beagle, or whatever the dog is}” rather than Train Beagle

  3. Michael Woo

    - 6th Nov, 07 02:11pm

    Hi there.. Definite something to ponder on :D.. I was having problem setting words for my adwords campaign..

    One question though, do you think Adwords is effective? I’ve spent a couple of hundred for my ads campaign.. but I don;’t know what will it bring to me in the future…

  4. Smart websites make money

    - 6th Nov, 07 03:11pm

    Good one. I would be interested in more articles like this. I would be interested in more about Google politic about affiliates and some more articles on this topic AdWords and affiliates.

  5. Shoutfan

    - 6th Nov, 07 06:11pm

    Nice post. I will have to look into this and use it to my advantage. This makes adwords a little more intriguing.

  6. Steve Baker

    - 7th Nov, 07 04:11pm

    Hi Tim,

    Nice summary. One word of warning though. You need to be very careful when grouping your keywords if you want to use DKI.

    For example, if you sell vacuum cleaners, your title line might read: Buy {KeyWord:Vacuum Cleaners} Now. This is fine for the term Vacuum Cleaners, but if you include the singular term, it becomes obvious to the searcher that you’ve just inserted what they were searching for (E-bay do it a lot). So you’d probably want to separate the keywords into singular and plurals.

    Also, people should bear in mind that it’s the keyword that was matched to that is included, not the actual search term. This is important (and quite useful) if you are using phrase or broad match.

  7. Robert

    - 7th Nov, 07 06:11pm

    You have the ability to get the point across quickly without losing the reader like myself who’s new to advertising. I haven’t used Adwords yet because I’m too chicken shit. Well, that and they don’t take PayPal.

  8. Tim Schroeder

    - 7th Nov, 07 06:11pm

    Good suggestions Steve. Thanks!

  9. Aislandas

    - 12th Nov, 07 01:11pm

    Thanks for this post, I have blog which is about animals, so your post looks like it’s made for me, I will surely use this, when I will promote my blog next time.

  10. James

    - 19th Jun, 08 12:06am

    who said you can’t teach a old dog new tricks, or new dog coming into a old dogs territory.. thanks so much for explaining the how to..I can now go back and adjust my campaign

  11. Freelance SEO

    - 18th Oct, 08 09:10pm

    Oddly enough I was unable to find any official documentation on DKI, I’m giving this a shot though.

  12. Hamant Keval

    - 6th Dec, 08 01:12am

    Hi – Many thanks for that post –
    I have been doing ppc for a while now but I was not sure how to use the Dynamique Keyword Insertion into the landing page .
    You post came up on Google – I needed a refresher – Brilliant !!

    Many thanks
    What a great site

    Take care


  13. Oliver

    - 11th Feb, 09 05:02am

    yeah I used to use this technique when I actually did a PPC campaign for dog training, and in some adgroups it worked well, however I believe you need to just test at least 5 different Ad combinations and really just find out which one is performing the best.

    Because you may just find that for example “Dog Obedience Training” will out perform {Keyword:Dog Obedience Training}, but just something that you need to test and pick the one that works 😉

  14. Ebookisdead

    - 23rd Mar, 09 02:03pm

    Thanks for this post, I hope this method makes more money from my adword acount.

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