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Google Adwords, Let me go Longer!

Posted on October 26, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

As many of you know, I’ve been jumping full steam into PPC Marketing lately. See here: Venture into PPC Marketing Update and here: My New Venture into PPC Marketing – 1st Tests. I’ll be providing an update on how my latest campaigns are going at the end of the month.

Well just a couple days ago I received this message in my Google Adwords account in addition to an Adwords Editor error number 17 when trying to upload more keywords.

The keywords in your account are nearing an unmanageable size. We recommend that you reduce the number of keywords within your account. This will ensure that your account includes the most targeted and relevant keywords possible. Use our AdWords Editor to identify poor performing keywords within your account (such as keywords with few or zero impressions) and delete them. Note: Be careful when deleting keywords in campaigns that are only opted in to the content network. Impressions and other statistics aren’t attributed to individual keywords when ads show on content pages, but are attributed to the ad group as a whole. Therefore, keywords in content-only campaigns will always show zero impressions.

My account is currently close to 100,000 keywords. The most common question I see on forums is “How do you manage and create such a large campaign?!”

Well the answer to that is that it’s easy and I need Adwords to let me go longer! Longer in the long-tail. 😉

In fact I have single campaign I’m running that could easily surpass 100,000 keywords if and when Google Adwords raises the keyword limits on my account.

How about an offer with only 5 root keywords that targets all fifty U.S. states (branch keywords) using phrase and exact match in the following format:

[My Offer Florida]
“My Offer Florida”
[Florida My Offer]
“Florida My Offer”

In this example, “My Offer” would be consider the root and “Florida” would be considered the Branch keyword. That’s 50 states times (4 different variations + 5 different root keywords) = 450 Keywords

So that’s not a lot but then lets add the 50 State Initials to each of the 5 roots and we have another 450 Keywords and a campaign with a total of 900 keywords at this point. Keep in mind many of your campaigns might have 20 or more root keywords.

Ok, so at this point you are thinking what’s the big deal and that it’s really not that many keywords right?

Lets add my list of the top 1000 U.S. cities to the equation (with just a single root!) and you are talking about a 4000 keyword list. Add in the Top Cities plus state initial and you have another 4000 keyword list. I think you get my point.

Where it gets really interesting is when I use my list of 16,559 city keywords which I have been unable to complete at the moment.

1 offer with 1 root and 1 branch targeting exact and phrase match in the following format:

[My Offer New York City]
“My Offer New York City”
[New York City My Offer]
“New York City My Offer”

I’ve just created a list of 66,236 keywords.

Back to the Adwords error message, I’ve contacted support and apparently she has escalated this issue to their concerned team. They’re currently investigating the situation.

Meanwhile I guess I’ll have to use one of my other Adwords accounts I have not been using much. 🙂

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10 Responses to “Google Adwords, Let me go Longer!”

  1. Steven Bradley

    - 26th Oct, 07 05:10pm

    Tim I’m surprised Google wants to cap the number of keywords. I suppose they’re trying to be helpful, but all those keywords are money to them too.

  2. Ruchir

    - 27th Oct, 07 12:10pm

    100,000 keywords, that’s really too much for me! :O:

  3. DerekBeau

    - 27th Oct, 07 06:10pm

    I’m pretty sure if you have some sort of spending history with them and give them a reason to up the limit, they will do it for you.

    When I (and everyone else) was marketing ringtones in 2006, I wanted to use TONS of keyword combinations — group names, artist names, song titles, phone models, etc combined with normal keywords like ringtones, tones, ring tones and also combined with modifiers like free, download, listen, etc.

    When I contacted AdWords about this, and explained how I was structuring it, they were happy to increase my limit. I think it is at like 2 Million keywords right now. But that campaign is long gone, so I have plenty of room for others.

  4. ozziiiii

    - 28th Oct, 07 12:10pm

    For iterating all those keyword permutations,
    you threw some script together in php?
    or what? what language? : )
    doing it manually is out of the equation, I guess.
    Just interested in knowing how the pro’s do it. : )
    Btw, you have duplicate “Subscribe to comments via email”-checkboxes. (The other one says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. If they are not doing different things, that is, but then I think it should be clarified, and the checkboxes put together)

  5. Internet Promoter

    - 29th Oct, 07 03:10pm

    Any programming language can produce this list, PHP can be used but I use Visual Basic for my solutions.

  6. Perry

    - 7th Nov, 07 09:11pm

    I appreciate all the insight you provide and I’ll be using it on my chexsystems site. Thanks Perry

  7. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 15th Jun, 08 01:06pm

    This is where good campaign management is key and you’ve clearly got this one well organised. I don’t know many people who are as organised as you nor who have such a large list of keywords that they are trying to manage, personally although lots of people slate Google Adwords; I still think it is one of the best tools of it’s type online.

  8. AdWords Campaigner

    - 7th May, 09 05:05pm

    I’ve just used “brute force” software for the first time and hit that damned Error 17 the first time out! Lift the limits, Google!!!

  9. Mahesh

    - 19th Oct, 09 09:10pm

    I have 34 campaigns for my site (http://www.megazega.com.) I started getting an error while adding campaigns. It seemed to say that I have reached my limits in the number of campaigns. However, it failed to say what is the limit. I then downloaded adwords editor to add new campaigns and now I am getting the frustrating error 17. Upon some online search, I find that many people say that 25 campaigns is the limit. Really, what is the limit? If 25 is the limit, how come I was able to create 34 campaigns before I hit the error 17. I don’t have that many keywords or adgroups. I hope google provides better support for adwords.

  10. AdWords Campaigner

    - 22nd Oct, 09 06:10am

    Yes, 25 campaigns is the usual limit, but the total number of keywords over all campaigns is also a factor. It’s usually 50,000 keywords. If you ask Google to raise your limits, they often comply, but not always.

    You may get more help about Google limits here: http://www.adwords-campaign-manager.com/FAQ/FAQ.html

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