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Make Money Online With Hydra Network

Posted on October 23, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

(Update – I no longer am working with Hydra Network and I suggest you work with some better alternatives in my Top Affiliate Networks list)

While there are probably over 100+ different CPA affiliate networks on the internet to choose from, a few stand out from the rest. I probably have about 12 different affiliate networks I’m actively working with at the moment and the Hydra Network (also known as Hydra Media) is one of them.

Hydra Network Review:

The overall design of the Hydra Network website is nothing special but the general layout makes since. I could do without the bold orange color header. I think what they are trying to say with that color is that “We want to stand out” and I guess with that color they do!

One of the first things you will see when you visit the Hydra Network website is the statement, “We deliver results.” After all, that’s what choosing an affiliate network is really all about! If I don’t get results, I move on to another network that can deliver them. While your specific results with a network are also based on your experience, there are a lot of things the affiliate network can do you. How about finding good offers, offering the highest payouts, easy website navigation, offering solid url tracking and statistics etc… Lets start with their offers.

Hydra Network Offers:

I could not find where Hydra Network listed their total number of current offers so I just highlighted them all and counted them with Excel. The total number of active offers at the time of this post was 762. That’s a lot and I’m curious how that compares with some other CPA (cost-per-action) networks. I’ll find this out as I do additional reviews. Lately Hydra also seem to be adding about 4 or 5 new offers almost everyday. I try to look over those new offers daily as it always helps to be one of the first promoting a new campaign especially with PPC.

The offers interface looks like this:

The top navigation allow you to sort offers by ALL, NEW, EXCLUSIVE, GIVEAWAY, CONTEST, FINANCIAL, SERVICES, RETAIL, THE LOFT, and UK.

Once you have narrowed down a category you can sort results by ID, CAMPAIGN NAME, CATEGORY, START DATE, CREATIVES, and CPA RATE.

There is also an hour glass to the left of each offer link which willing show you the campaign description. A suggestion I would make to Hydra is to also include any campaign “special instructions” within this pop-over. This change would save time so you don’t have to click on each offer to find out if they allow PPC search traffic, email advertising etc. They also have an advanced search section but you can’t search offers that allow search traffic here either.

Lastly, once you click into an offer you will find your affiliate tracking link options which includes SUB ID tracking up to 255 alphanumeric characters. It allows you to create a sub id with spaces in it so I wonder if that’s allowed?

Hydra Network Commission Reports:

There is nothing extremely unique in the reports section but it has basically what you need. You can optionally view your reports by sub id and/or actions only. The “actions only” option is a must if you have a huge campaign with thousands of sub ids and only want to view which ones converted for the day, week, month etc…

Hydra Network Payment Options and Schedule:

In the US, you can receive your payment either by check, ACH, Paypal or Wire. Hydra Network pays on a Net 15 basis. For example, your payouts earned in January would be paid on February 15th. Payments are held until you reach $50 or more in payable commissions.

Hydra Rewards:

If you’re a high volume affiliate marketer, the Hydra Rewards section of their website might interest you! Hydra Media awards money and gifts to Hydra Network affiliates based on current and improved volume.

Tier 1 starts when you make $5,000 a month in monthly commissions and gets you a free $50 American Express or Best Buy Gift Card. It’s not much but a lot of other networks don’t offer bonuses at all so I wouldn’t complain.

Tier 12, the highest tier starts when you make a whopping $1,000,000 in monthly commission and gets you a $15,000 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. I wonder how many of those they have given away! If you are one of them I’d should like to chat. 😉

Do I recommend you give Hydra Media a shot?

Based on my review, you can probably guess that the answer is yes! I’ve only been experimenting with the network recently and so far the results are promising.

My commission for this month with Hydra from October 6th up to today October 23rd is $308 (minus PPC expenses). I’ll get to total profit in another post.

This is just the beginning and I hope to show you some big numbers from Hydra next month.

(Update – I no longer am working with Hydra Network and I suggest you work with some better alternatives in my Top Affiliate Networks list)

Click Here to Join the Hydra Network.

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8 Responses to “Make Money Online With Hydra Network”

  1. Steven Bradley

    - 24th Oct, 07 06:10am

    Tim, do the affiliates lean toward any market or is it a good mix of markets?

  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 24th Oct, 07 03:10pm

    Hey Steven!

    Good question. It pretty much has the usual mix of programs that you find find in a CPA network such as health product leads, a few As Seen on TV products, Auto and Warranty quotes, Ringtones, lots of email submit offers etc…

    It does not have nearly as many per-sale offers that you would find on a network such as CJ.

  3. Make Friends, Earn Money

    - 15th Jun, 08 01:06pm

    Hydra are okay I’ve used them before but I don’t think they are any different to other sites out there like ourfreestuff.net, offersquest.com or linkshare, Clix Galore etc. I suppose it depends what you think is the best site for you.

  4. leewelf

    - 19th Nov, 08 08:11pm

    i love them

    they pay me about 1000 /month

    how about you

  5. Jose

    - 4th Feb, 09 06:02am

    I dont have a website. But it seems like all CPA networks require you to have a website. Any recommendations on how to get over this slight bump in teh road? Thank you!

  6. Robert Fitzpatrick

    - 27th May, 09 10:05am

    Great article, I’m going to go and check out Hydra Network.

  7. hanji

    - 30th Jun, 09 12:06am

    Nice review. I’ve applied to Hydra, and am still waiting to hear back. I at least made it through the phone interview portion. Crossing my fingers.

  8. work from home companies

    - 2nd Jul, 09 04:07am


    Great article on Hydra Network. As far as making money online is concerned, becoming an affiliate is a great way to go. No product creation, and you can find something to sell for almost any niche. I personally like Click Bank, which specializes in digital products. Based on your review, I will take a look and see what Hydra has to offer. Thanks again!


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