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New eMonetized Blog Design Launched!

Posted on October 22, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

In a previous post I mentioned that I was getting a little bored with the old eMonetized blog design and wanted a little bit more of a wow factor. When it comes to getting an awesome blog design there is only one person to call and that’s Nate Whitehill of Unique Blog Designs!

I want to thank Nate for going above and beyond on this project. Even after I accepted this project as complete he went back and made several additional enhancements to the current design. In fact he is still helping me out with a couple final enhancements and fixes. Nate promises 150% satisfaction and believe me when I tell you that he does that.

I’m not surprised that he is swamped with orders. He has also done redesigns of the highly popular Shoe Money and John Chow blogs. I’ll personally be placing my second order for a new design for my personal finance blog shortly.

So here it is. The release of the eMonetized design!

FYI, there are still a few final tweaks that will be made to the theme and I am aware of a couple bugs that need fixes.

A couple new WordPress plugins that were added include a Top Commentators plugin in the sidebar and a Threaded Comments plugin.

I don’t expect everyone to love the new design but I hope the majority of you will. I’d love to hear your comments on what you like or may not like about the design?

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20 Responses to “New eMonetized Blog Design Launched!”

  1. Jorge

    - 22nd Oct, 07 06:10pm

    Love the blog. Not too fond of the design though. It’s nothing I guess I haven’t seen floating around I suppose (JohnChow, Shoemoney). I do like the faded hundreds under the comments box though.

  2. Leroy

    - 22nd Oct, 07 07:10pm

    I like Nate’s work for the most part, though I have trouble dropping the $800 or so clams. It’s a good look here though, so nice call on choosing your designer.

  3. josh

    - 22nd Oct, 07 07:10pm

    Great design.

  4. James - DigitalKeyToInfo

    - 22nd Oct, 07 07:10pm

    I really like your new design.
    Many blogs are now following a similar design with the 125×125 ads near top right. I really like the layout You have here. You have a decent amount of content showing above the fold (John Chow may be able to get a way with just a sentence showing but I do not think that is good for most).
    I see a bit of a large blanks space between the title and featured posts area at the top. Future banner ad space?
    Did I mention I really like your design?

  5. DerekBeau

    - 22nd Oct, 07 07:10pm

    Hey Tim, the design looks great. I actually saw it a few days ago when you first launched, but didn’t see a post, so held off on the commenting.

    I especially love all of the transparency in the header. One change I would make is to add some small icons to the sidebar list links to make them stand out a little more.

  6. Ruchir

    - 22nd Oct, 07 08:10pm

    I really like your new design. It’s so much better !

  7. Fred @ Newest on the Net

    - 23rd Oct, 07 01:10am


    I really like the design. As someone mentioned above, the transparent $100 bills are cool.

  8. Tay

    - 23rd Oct, 07 06:10am

    I really like your new design! You made an awesome choice when choosing Nate. In fact, yours is better than Mr. Chow’s. 😀

  9. 4Nate

    - 23rd Oct, 07 11:10pm

    Credit also goes to my good friend Peter Andre Jensen who assisted with the initial concept! Together, we pack an awesome punch!

  10. John Chow

    - 24th Oct, 07 06:10am

    Nate did a great job! I like it.

  11. Tim Schroeder

    - 24th Oct, 07 03:10pm

    Thanks for the nice comments.

    I’m glad everyone is liking the new design! 🙂

  12. Starfeeder

    - 24th Oct, 07 03:10pm

    sc2 I like the new design 🙂 great job! Also I like the Benjamin background in the comment section lol….

  13. Small Fish Big Money

    - 28th Oct, 07 02:10am

    Design is good, very functional.
    The $100 bills are a bit distracting
    but other than that it is very good!

    Kind Regards,
    Fabien of SmallFishBigMoney.Com

  14. Crenk

    - 28th Oct, 07 01:10pm

    UBD. I have talked to Nate before about his blog designs and after he did the John Chow site and Shoemoney site I was very impressed. However, since then he seems to be just using the key basic design and making very few changes to the template. Now what makes this so “Unique”?

  15. Smart websites make money

    - 29th Oct, 07 01:10pm

    It is a cool design, looks clean and sharp

  16. Internet Promoter

    - 29th Oct, 07 03:10pm

    Definite improvement for the previous look

  17. Stephan Miller

    - 31st Oct, 07 01:10pm

    I like it. Money, like black, goes with everything.

  18. Part Time Blogger

    - 24th Nov, 07 02:11pm

    Great design ive just done mine. Not got the cash yet to pay for someone to design it professionally yet though.


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